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The worst-case scenario for global warming tracks closely with actual emissions

coral bleaching


  • The worst-case climate scenarios that feature the highest greenhouse gas emissions projections are the best ones to strategically plan for as they capture both future and historical emissions
  • Though the use of coal is dwindling, cumulative concentrations of greenhouse gases that were emitted in the past play a huge role in future warming projections
  • Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) are scenarios that show how much warmer the world will become by 2100
    • The Paris Agreement would be an RCP of 2.6, leading the world to 3.6 Degrees Fahrenheit. Effects of this RCP allow only 10% of coral reefs to survive
    • The worst-case scenario, RCP 8.5, would lead to an 8 Degree F increase, causing a 3-foot increase in sea level rise

Scientists are increasingly warning that to avoid catastrophic impacts from climate change, the world’s governments must implement massive reductions of warming emissions and begin a drawdown of greenhouse gases (GHG) from the atmosphere over the decade ahead.  For a safe and healthy future for all, endorse the Climate-Safe California Platform to implement scalable solutions that can reverse the climate crisis.

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