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The U.S. can get to 90% clean electricity in just 15 years


by Adele Peters, Fast Company


A new report from UC Berkeley shows that the falling price of renewable energy can result in the U.S. using 90% clean energy by 2035, ultimately transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2045.

  • Adding new clean energy infrastructure could add up to 570,000 new jobs each year
  • The Internation Renewable Energy Agency reports that since 2010, utility-scale solar power costs have dropped 82% and onshore wind costs have dropped 39%
  • Sonia Aggarwal, vice president of Energy Innovation didn’t expect the grid could transition at such a fast rate:

“I didn’t expect that we were going to get 90% by 2035. It’s really exciting that this is the moment that we’ve reached in this country, where the costs have just changed so much that this is now within our reach, in a way that it wasn’t even five years ago.”

  • According to the report, the addition of renewables on the grid would not result in higher electricity bills for consumers
  • Federal policies that set clean energy standards are needed to make a nationwide transition from fossil fuels to renewables

The Climate Center works toward electrifying buildings and vehicles using 100% clean energy sources such as solar and wind to eliminate fossil fuel-based emissions. 

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