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Thank you, supporters!

We are so very grateful to you who support our work in myriad ways! We ended the year on a high note, meeting our fundraising goals and heading into the New Year in eager anticipation of spreading our solutions far and wide for maximum impact. We look forward to bringing you climate news in 2017 to inform and inspire you to greater heights.

  • Thanks to you, we are accelerating Community Choice Energy programs across the state. Over 300 California communities are considering Community Choice and its economic and environmental benefits.
  • With your partnership, our third Business of Local Energy Symposium is set for May 5th in Long Beach. Hundreds of businesses in our statewide network will learn, share, and incubate clean energy solutions.
  • With your help, we are also working in 15 high schools in 3 counties to train over 15,000 youth leaders to lower transportation emissions by 20 tons this year.
  • Lastly, because of your engagement, we are advancing solar solutions, and involving more people in addressing climate change in their homes and businesses.

For all you are doing, we are grateful!