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Standing out in the suburbs

Since November we have all heard much about the January 21st Million Women Marches against Donald Trump being planned in Washington D.C. and beyond. Many will use it as an outlet for their anger. Neo conservative pundits will use it to feed into a narrative about “those lefty urban activists marching again.” Personally, I plan to attend an event in the suburbs with my husband and 4-year-old son and I plan to dress up and look preppy and clean.

There is nothing radical about suburban America and the more evidence of discontent among “regular” suburbanites, the more impact the message will have. America expects childless urban college students to be in the streets marching, and those expectations will be met. But how will Trump and his supporters explain away America’s suburbs, full of parents and children, saying “NO” to their dystopian idea of an America that endorses corruption, greed, and racism? I’m sure they’ll find a way, but let’s not make it easy.