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Amidst the madness, 5 big reasons for hope

I spent the first part of last weekend feeling depressed about recent headlines.

However, over the weekend I was reminded of the many committed and powerful people who surround us by way of a conversation with a friend about an ecology project she did with her daughters. This person has led many efforts to help tomorrow’s leaders gain a reverence for this planet and an appreciation of what it takes to protect it – from bee-saving gardens to backpacking trips.

This reminder saved me from despair.  I hope I can do the same for you.

Here are five examples of the power of committed people working together:

  1. World leaders are moving forward with the Paris Accord, no matter what the U.S. does.
  2. The clean energy revolution has already reached a tipping point as the cost of renewables plummets – due in part to the commitment of people at the Department of Energy.
  3. Many fossil fuel projects are delayed or cancelled because of public opposition and the competitive price of renewables.
  4. California’s climate leadership in the world’s fifth largest economy will be powerful.  It already is.
  5. People all around us are taking decisive action to protect the climate.

While we have some things to celebrate, staying aware of the threats to our democracy and planet is crucial.  Here are the top stories of the hour:

  1. A witch hunt is on in the Department of Energy for climate scientists, but DOE employees refuse to provide names.
  2. NASA’s original mission to study planet earth is threatened by Trump, who wants to prevent the agency from gathering further evidence of climate change.
  3. Trump’s recent nominations show blatant disregard for climate science and democracy:
    1. Exxon Executive Rex Tillerson – who has lucrative ties to Russiahas been nominated for Secretary of State.
    2. Governor Rick Perry, who once vowed to abolish the Energy Department, has been tapped to run it.
    3. Attorney General Scott Pruit, who has attempted to sue the EPA, has been chosen to head it.
    4. Fossil Fuel ally Cathy McMorris has been selected to open up wild lands to drilling and mining.

When we feel surrounded by bad news, it’s up to us to find the good, advocate for what we love, and take action to live our most sacred values.

Together we are powerful.