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I look up to Scott

December 29, 2014


Scott Aldrich is a local IT professional and wizard, the person who rescues us when our computer freezes, the server slows to a crawl, or QuickBooks won’t let us in.

Scott began volunteering for us sometime around 2008 and has never stopped despite how hard we’ve leaned on him. He is perennially patient, responsive, friendly, and amazing at fixing our IT messes. His big physical size is small compared with his great skill and heart.

When we offer him tokens of gratitude, he almost always refuses.

Climate doesn’t seem to be a passion for him, so why such generosity?

The best I can discern is Scott chooses to be generous. This reminds me of a scene from the Matrix Revolution when Neo appears to be about dead. Mr. Smith asks him why he persists in his fight. Neo replies, “Because I choose to.”

Choice – the most authentic reason of all.

Scott’s choice to be generous constantly inspires me.

Ann Hancock, Executive Director