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Governor Signs SB 790 in Support of Local Clean Power

Today Governor Brown signed SB 790 (Leno) that strengthens the original 2002 law that enables California communities to establish their own clean power programs known as community choice aggregation (CCA).

This is great news for Sonoma County’s prospective CCA, Sonoma Clean Power. The law establishes a “code of conduct” that the electric utility must abide by, helps create a more level playing field for all parties, and requires that complaints filed by CCAs about electric utility violations of the code of conduct are addressed by the CPUC within a specific timeframe.

The Sonoma County Water Agency will take up the matter at its October 18th meeting when it will receive the results of a six-month feasibility study evaluating CCA for Sonoma County.

For detailed information on SB 790 visit: http://leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/postquery?bill_number=sb_790&sess=CUR&house=B&author=leno