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ECO2school Supports Students for Climate Protection

(Promoting ECO2school and biking at Analy High School)

With bike blender smoothies, breakfast tables, school rallies and giveaways, who could resist taking action against the climate crisis? Students across Sonoma County stepped up by walking, biking, taking the bus, and carpooling during the ECO2school Challenge in April. Green teams, eco clubs, and leadership classes encouraged peers to use active modes of transportation to get to and from school. During the challenge students logged their miles on the ECO2school website and tracked the greenhouse gas emission reductions that resulted from their actions. As a plus, students were entered to win raffle prizes from local supporters.

For many students, the ECO2school Challenge is an opportunity to try something new. For others, the Challenge helps them gain a new perspective of their existing habits.

“I used to walk to school because I had no choice, but after participating in the ECO2school Challenge I feel good about walking. My choices [walking and skateboarding] are helping the planet and I want to continue walking and busing even when I have access to a car.”-Erick Villa, Healdsburg High School.

The ECO2school Challenge allows students to take leadership in educating their peers about climate issues as well as about actions they can take to reduce greenhouse gases. Students at Healdsburg, Windsor, El Molino, Analy, Elsie Allen, Montgomery, and Maria Carrillo who participated in the ECO2school Challenge see the impact they have as individuals, as group members, and as community members.

When seven schools in Sonoma County come together to participate in the ECO2school Challenge great things happen and tons of greenhouse gas are is reduced in our community.

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by Paola Alvarado

(Friendly Slow Race competition at Analy High School)

(El Molino High School Slow Race Winner)