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Don’t Block the Sun: Solar Rally at PG&E | Oct. 14, 2015

California’s large utilities are aiming to add fees and make rooftop solar a bad deal for their customers. 85edbd3fad4470f387_y2m6b5ou9

If you’d like to stand up and raise your voice in defense of solar energy, join the rally. Tell PG&E to stop blocking solar progress and start acting in the interest of the Californians it’s supposed to serve. Tell PG&E: “Don’t block the sun.”

When: Wednesday, October 14, Noon – 1 PM
Where: Outside PG&E Headquarters, 77 Beale Street, San Francisco

This rally will be one of many events taking place across the country on October 14th as part of the People’s Climate Movement, which is calling on leaders and decisionmakers to take bold action on climate. Visit www.OurSolarRights.org to learn more about the fight to keep solar shining for California.

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* This event is sponsored by Vote Solar.