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Clean Power Healthy Communities Conference March 5

Fifth Annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference







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The Local Clean Energy Alliance is proud to announce the 5th annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities Conference, promoting the development of locally-controlled clean energy economies as a necessary path to a sustainable future.

The conference is a diverse gathering of policy makers, entrepreneurs, and community advocates engaged in a thoughtful and inspiring exploration of strategies and programs for advancing a local clean energy transition in the Bay Area.

The 5th annual conference will feature plenaries and breakout sessions on the role of energy democracy—community control and ownership of energy resources—in the transition to a renewable future. How can we leverage the distributed nature of renewable energy to build a new economy that is regenerative, sustainable, and equitable? What approaches are being used to build community control of energy sources from the ground up? What emerging technologies and alternative financing mechanisms will contribute to the growth of community-based energy development?