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Cancun Climate Talks Conclude

UN talks in Cancun reached a deal to curb climate change, including a fund to help developing countries. By 2020 the $100 billion Green Climate Fund is intended to protect poor nations against climate impacts and assist them with low-carbon development. Although all countries present, except Bolivia, agreed that deeper cuts in carbon emissions are needed, the document they produced does not establish a mechanism for achieving the pledges countries have made. Such details were put off until the next year’s summit in Durban, South Africa. Here are two different views on the results in Cancun:

The Globe and Mail by Shawn McCarthy “After summoning the political will to reach a climate deal at the Cancun summit, global leaders now face a far more daunting task – translating its exhortations into actions, and its vague, somewhat contradictory language into a binding treaty.” For complete article>

The New York Times by Jean Chemnick and Lisa Friedman “Deal in Cancun Restores Faith in U.N. Climate Process but Many Questions Remain.” For complete article>