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Brace for the deluge: Special interests are spending millions to get the California legislators they want

California State Capitol by Andre m
Image Credit: Andre M.

By Ben Christopher, Cal Matters


With primary elections coming up in California, deep-pocketed interest groups, including the fossil fuel industry, are pumping money into campaigns to secure a say in state lawmaking.

  • California’s primary is happening earlier than usual and many residents are casting their ballots early
  • Independent expenditure committees are allowed to spend as much money as they can raise and have spent $12.5 million on this upcoming election
  • Oil and gas producers, realtors and car dealers are responsible for nearly half of all outside spending
  • The Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class and the Restore California’s Middle-Class Coalition are the California Independent Petroleum Association’s two major committees and have spent over $3.7 million on state legislative races

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