Building decarbonization cuts pollution and boosts the economy. Here’s how state regulators can accelerate both.

by Silvio Marcacci, Forbes


  • Existing buildings and their components are difficult to replace and therefore are difficult to decarbonize
  • Residential and commercial buildings in the United States account for 1 billion metric tons of emissions annually
  • Electrification now reduces greenhouse gas emissions in 46 out of 48 states
  • It is cost-effective to build out all-electric buildings vs. incorporating natural gas
  • More equitable policies and incentives are needed to transition from gas to electric within frontline communities as an unmanaged transition could make gas prices four times more expensive
  • Electrifying buildings could help in job creation across the country

The Climate Center works toward electrifying buildings and vehicles using 100% clean energy sources such as solar and wind to eliminate fossil fuel-based emissions. 

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