BCE Member Survey Results 2018

BCE Logo Dark Blue (1)In 2018, The Climate Center issued a survey to its Business for Clean Energy members. The following is a summary of responses.


How satisfied are you with your BCE membership?

43% Very satisfied

52% Satisfied

5%  Neutral


Are you willing to actively support clean energy and climate friendly policies at the state legislature through a letter or sign-on letter?

62% Yes

38% Not sure


What topics would you like to be included in future BCE breakfast presentations? 

>>Rates/Time of Use changes and impact to solar. Energy Storage

>>SMART, Bike Share, Public Transportation

>>Climate-smart agriculture, Carbon Farming, CalCAN

>>Energy Policy, Proven high payback sustainability solutions

>>More on DER’s (distributed energy resources) and how to create viable markets locally, supporting qualified, local companies…

>>National Climate Policy, particularly Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation

>>New policies around renewables. Grant programs. Electric auto updates

>>Rising sea level and potential regional impacts and mitigation. Tesla Powerwall presentation. The state of LED lighting and where lighting is headed. Presentation from the Carbon Cycle Institute/Marin Carbon Project.

>>Panel discussion/debate among local candidates on the environment

>>To widen the audience and relevance to more types of businesses, it would be good to talk about the business/economics of clean energy and the bottom line impact for companies.

>>Let one business each meeting have 3-5 minutes to present on a technology/service to support clean business strategy: i.e. lighting, EV, HVAC, etc


Would you attend an annual BCE lunch event if it required you paying $25 to cover
the price of food?

86% Yes

14% No


Would you attend a mixer event in the evening with a brief program and networking time?

27% Yes

23% No

50% Not Sure