Wendy Millet

Ranch Director, TomKat Ranch

Wendy Millet is the Ranch Director of TomKat Ranch, TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation and LeftCoast Grassfed. In addition to working for several years on cattle and dude ranches in Wyoming and Montana, Wendy ran a local land trust, worked for a timber investment company, developed programs for an environmental economics research foundation, led education and leadership programs for the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and spent 12 years at The Nature Conservancy working with farmers, ranchers, and timberland owners to protect and restore ranches, rivers and forests. Her efforts to share best practices led to work on several publications including: Land Use in America (Island Press), A Place-Based Partnership Manual (The Nature Conservancy of California) and Preserving California’s Natural Heritage: A Guide to Land and Water Conservation (California Resources Agency). Wendy holds a B.A. in Literature from Harvard. She studied Environmental Economics at the University of Washington and Environmental Planning at University of Virginia. She serves on the board of the California Council of Land Trusts, the Farmland Advisory Committee for Peninsula Open Space Trust, and the Board of Councilors of Save the Redwoods League.