Jasmine Leek

Founder and Managing Director, Third City Coalition

Jasmine Leek is an interdisciplinary community designer from Stockton, CA. With ten years of professional experience in various leadership roles spanning multiple sectors, Jasmine has a bold entrepreneurial spirit that drives her to invest time supporting community and economic development activities in Stockton. Jasmine’s previous roles in the public, private, and philanthropic sector have prepared her to serve as Founder and Managing Director of Third City Coalition since 2016. Over the last five years, Jasmine has collaborated with public agencies, nonprofits, and business leaders to build hundreds of strategic relationships and bring large-scale investment to the region. Nearly $65 million in funds have been directed to Stockton’s local economy for climate equity projects through her administrative support of the Rise Stockton coalition. With more than 20 community partners, Rise Stockton is an independent group of community-based organizations advancing sustainable, equitable development in the region. Jasmine is inspired by the amazing individuals and changemakers she comes across in her daily work. Jasmine is moved by the teachings of Black feminist scholar Dr. Angela Davis—believing fully that radical transformation is possible when we act as though it will be, and we do it all the time.