Aiko Schaefer

Executive Director, Just Solutions Collective

Aiko Schaefer directs the national Just Solutions Collective (formerly the 100% Network) which works to broaden and deepen the understanding of justice-centered policies and programs so BIPOC and frontline communities can better create, replicate, scale and build support for justice-centered solutions.

Aiko has worked for nearly 30 years on public policy campaigns around the US on anti-poverty, consumer protection and environmental conservation, as well as state and federal partisan campaigns. Prior to her role with the Just Solutions Collective, she was the Founding Director of Front and Centered, a BIPOC-frontline coalition in Washington State. In that role she co-chaired the state climate coalition of organized labor, environmental groups, Tribal Nations and others, that together drafted and qualified a just climate ballot measure in 2018 that was defeated by a $30 million campaign by the oil industry.

Aiko has been a union member or part of a union household for most of her life, as a daughter of an immigrant factory worker she understands first-hand the important role unions play.