Learn about the Climate-Safe California campaign here and please join us by endorsing it here for accelerated climate action that will also catalyze efforts globally. See why some of these visionaries are endorsing the campaign here.

Together we will secure a vibrant, healthy, and climate-safe future for all.

Affiliations are for identification purposes only.
Last update:7/14/2021

Susan Ackerberg, Whirlpool
Kathryn Aanestad, webmaster
Lawrence Abbott, Retired
Margaret Abe-Koga, Councilmember, City of Mountain View
David Abrahams, Driver, West County Transportation
David Abramson
Kelly Achee
Simone Adams, Director
Shuli Adler Killen, RN
Leslie Adler-Ivanbrook, Steering Committee and Website Manager, West Marin Climate Action
Alicia Aguirre, Council Member, City of Redwood City
Nabeel Al-Shamma
Madeline Albright
Kathryn Albury, Retired
Leslie Alden, Executive Director, DRAWDOWN Bay Area
Greg Alexander, P2S Inc.
Jay Alhadeff, Teacher, Temple israel
Ibrahim AlHusseini, Founder & Managing Partner, FullCycle Climate Partners
Dena Allen
Jannike Allen
Michael Allen, Board Chair Sonoma County Conservation Action, Sonoma County Conservation Action
Julie Allingham, Consultant, Independent
Andrea Almeida, Volunteer, Surfrider/Shark Allies/Sierra Club
Molly Almeida, First Wednesdays
Muhammed Aly
Tom Amato, Oakmont Democratic Club
Lewis Ames, Berkeley Rotary Club
Chirag Amin
Doron Amiran, The Climate Center
Kevin Anderson
Jennifer Andrade
Alison Andrews, CEO, Shake Energy Collaborative
August Andrews, Student
Gary Andrews, Retired
Douglas Anthony, The Urban Farmer Store
Beth Antias, brand manager, Regal Wine Imports
Gretchen Antill
Lowell Antze
Helen Apthorp
Lisette Arellano
Rebeca Armendariz, Councilmember, City of Gilroy
Camille Armstrong, Partners4Nature Consulting
Mimi Armstrong
Wendy Armstrong-Herniman
Kirsten Arnett, Student, SSU Student
Susan Arnett, Peace & Justice Network, CA Clean Money Campaign, Single Payer San Joaquin
Ruben Aronin
Nicholas Arosemena, Climate Action Corps Fellow, Little Manila Rising
Wendy Root Askew, Supervisor, District 4, County of Monterey
Dave Atherton, President, Electric Auto Association San Joaquin Valley
Dale Axelrod, Chair, Outreach, Advocacy & Legislation Committee, Sonoma County Democratic Party
Caroline Ayres
Marcia Babb
Diana Badger
Melanie Bagby, Councilmember, City of Cloverdale
Michelle Bagnato, Owner, Good Culture
Diane Bailey, Exexcutive Director, Menlo Spark
Ellen Bailey
Marjorie Bair, Psychotherapist
Bradley Baker, CEO, SOMO
Lynne Baker, RN, MS, Vounteer, Napa Climate Now
Jeff Baldwin, Professor
Anne Banta
Laurie-Ann Barbour, The Climate Center
Tanya Barham, CEO & Founder, Community Energy Labs
Brian Barnacle, Vice Mayor, City of Petaluma
Danielle Barnes
Karen Barnes, CEO, Barnestone Consulting
Lori Barron
Janet Barrows, Acupuncturist, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine
Judith Barry
Chris Bartle, Director Busines, Ciel & Terre USA
Sally Bartow
Stephen Bassett
Caroline Bauhaus
Mark Bauhaus, Principal, Bauhaus Productions
Katy Baumgras
Laurie Bayen
Raizelah Bayen, Owner/Director, Open Pathways
Emily Beach, Councilmember & former Mayor, City of Burlingame
Katie Beacock
Gloria Bealer, Postcard Organizer, Indivisible Sonoma County
Justin Beck
A George Beeler, Principal Architect, AIM Associates
Diane Beere, Member, Napa Climate NOW!
Amanda Begley, The Climate Center
Ed Begley
Hayden Begley
Gina Belforte, Council Member, City of Rohnert Park
Lauren Bell, Community Outreach, SLO Climate Coalition
Andrew Bellew
Aphrodite Bellochio
Levi Ben-Shmuel
Jane Bender
Jerry Bender
Doug Benenson
Nancy Benjamin
Bob Benoit
Tyra Benoit
Mary Kay Benson, Steering Council Manager, 350 Butte County
Tom Benthin
Richard Bentley, Retired
Chris Benz, Co-Chair, Napa Climate NOW!
Alisha Berger
Kristin Berger, Fundraising Consultant, Berger Consulting
Matthew Berger, Owner, Berger Solar Electric
Peter Berking
David Bezanson
Jennifer Bice, Owner, Capracopia LLC, dba Redwood Hill Farm
Eileen Bill, 350Sonoma
James Bill, owner, Zero Impact Architecture
Christian Billson, Independent community organizer
Sally Bimrose, retired educator
Jenny Binstock
Steve Birdlebough, Advocate, Transportation & Land Use Coalition
Eric Bissinger, CARB/Enforcement
LeAnn Bjelle
Trout Black
Ann Blake, Founder & Principal, Environmental & Public Health Consulting
Maureen Blanc, Director, CHARGE ACROSS TOWN
Raphael Block
Beverly Blum, League of Women Voters of San Joaquin County
Randle Blythe
Diana Bohn
Lisa Bolognese
Katherine Bond, RN
Justin Bordessa
Stevan Bosanac
Mattie Bosch, Partner, Bosch Landscapes
Adam Boucher, CEO, naak
Richard Bourne, Treasurer, Cool Davis
Chris Bowen
Nancy Boyce, Marin Interfaith Climate Action
Robyn Bramhall
Nancy Brandl
Stacy Braslau-Schneck
Gerald Braun, Director, Integrated Renewable Energy Systems Network
Jacque Brazieal
Robert Brent, Board Member, Sonoma Land Trust
Sandra Brewer
Barry Brian
Michael Brickey
Renata Brillinger, CalCAN
Anna Brittain, Executive Director, Napa Green
Bonnie Brock, Owner, Landscape Designer
Claire Broome, Adjunct professor, Emory University
Clare Broussard, Prunuske Chatham, Inc.
Ann Brown, Group Leader, Tri-Valley Citizens’ Climate Education
Benjamin Brown
Kathleen Brown
Rick Brown, PhD, Chair, TerraVerde Energy LLC
Sandy Brown, Council Member, City of Santa Cruz
Shelley Brown
Tara Brown, Board Treasurer, Hidden Leaf Foundation
Amanda Brown-Stevens, Executive Director, Greenbelt Alliance
Haley Browning, Nurse
Linda Brownrigg
Danielle Bryant, Buyer/Admin/Customer Service, Farmacopia
Marlyn Buddenbaum, Registered Nurse
Andy Bunnell, Social Worker, STCS
David Burdick, Executive Vice President, TerraVerde Energy
Robert Burke
David Burnett, Councilmember, City of Marina council
Kim Burnett, Marketing Manager, SolarCraft
Wil Burns, Co-Executive Director, Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy
David Burtis, Agricultural Program Assistant
Richard Busse, Founder, Richard G. Busse Environmental Fund
Phyllis Butland
Thora Butler, student, UC Berkeley
Penelope Butterfield, retired teacher
Mary Button, Volunteer, MoveOn
Adrian Byram, Chair, Solar+Storage Committee, Sustainable Rossmoor
Jeff Byron, Member, Community Advisory Council, Central Coast Community Energy
Charles and Deanne Cadman
Joyce Calagos, member, Church of the Epiphany, Social Responsibility committee
Rebecca Calley, Retired
Carlos F Camargo, Ph.D., Realtor, BHGRE Reliance Partners
Cassius Camus, Energy Specialist, Northern Pacific Power Systems
Miguel Canales, City of Artesia, Councilmember, ABCUSD/City of Artesia, CA
Donna Canali
David Canepa, Board President, San Mateo County
Kathleen Capella
Michael Capella
Justina Caras, Senior Community Engagement Manager, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity
Fran Carbonaro, Fran Carbonaro Vocal Studio
Pat Carlone, Co-Chair, Marin Interfaith Climate Action (MICA)
Julie Carlson
Sheila Carnegie
Pamela Carpenter, owner – Designer, PlanA Design
Robert Carr, Consultant, Robert Carr Consultants
Efren Carrillo, The Climate Center
Linda Carroll
Nicholas Carter, Founder & Owner, npc Solar
Amanda Casey
Christine Castillo
Beatrice Castino, retired educator
Jan Cecil, retired, retired
Ann Ceglia
Daya Ceglia
Warner Chabot, Exec. Director, San Francisco Estuary Institute
Judy Chamberlin
Leslie Chamblin
Daniel Chandler, 350 Humboldt
Cathy Chandler-Klein, member, 350Humboldt
David S Chapman, Principal, Dave Chapman Consulting
Al Chase
Trinish Chatterjee, Engineer
Emily Chavez
Marcus Chee, CEO, zeroQ Foods Inc
Caroline Chen, Dr.
Margie Chen, Climate Health Now
Marie Chen, Climate Policy Lead, The Climate Reality Project, San Diego Chapter
Marie Chen, Steering Committee, Citizens Climate Lobby, San Diego Central
Sophie Chertok
Barry Chertov
Grace Cheung-Schulman
Marsha Chevalier, Dr.
Marilynne Chophel
Anna Chouteau, City Councilmember, St. Helena
Myra Chow
Bob Cipolla, General Contractor, Retired General Contractor
City of Watsonville
Heather Clapp, Director of Development and Community Engagement, Point Reyes National Seashore Association
Elizabeth Clark, Principal, Elizabeth A. Clark Landscape Architect
Marisa Clark, retired
Warren Malcolm Clark, vice chair & conservation chair, Range of Light Group of Sierra Club
Woodrow Clark , PhD, Founder and CEO, Clark Communications Strategic Partners
Chris Clarke, Associate Designer, Permaculture Artisans
Benoit Clement
Kimberly Clement
Phyllis Clement
Rita Clement, Advocate, SanDiego350
Tom Clement
Joyce Clements, Coastal Art Works
Dr. Susan Clifford, Retired educator
Michael Closson, Local Climate Solutions
Janet Clover, Point Blue
Michelle Cobb, CMO, Shifting career into Climate Tech
Paul Cobb
Deborah Coburn
Constance Codding, Owner, SOMO Living
Kelsey Cody, Adjunct Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College
Barbara Coenen, Sustainable Rossmoor
Barry Cogbill, Owner, Pathways Energy
David Cohen, Councilmember, City of San Jose
Debby Lee Cohen, Executive Director/Founder, Cafeteria Culture
Donald Cohen, Executive Director, In the Public Interest
Ellie Cohen, CEO, The Climate Center
Jeffrey Cohen
Belle Cole, Chair, OFA Marin
Carol Cole-Lewis, Owner, Self
James Coleman, Councilmember, City of south San francisco
Charles Collins
Ron Collins, Council member, City of San Carlos
Katharine Conforti, retired teacher
Tom Conlon, Steering Team Member, Transition Sonoma Valley
Anna Connell
Honora Connolly, Retired
Maura Connolly, Sunrise Movement San Diego
Michael Conover, Climate Beneficial Technician, Fibershed
Catherine Consiglieri
Kevin Conway
Nancy Conway
Irene Cooke
Barbara Corinblit, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Fred Cork
Glenda Corning, Concerned Citizen
Dave Cortese, State Senator, California State Senator
Rita Cortez
Patrick Costello, Leading Divestment Campaign, 350Marin.org
Ben Couch, Sustainability Manager, Traditional Medicinals
Chris Coursey, Member, Board of Supervisors, County of Sonoma
Caryn Cowin
Arielle Cox
Tony Crabb, Owner, Puma Springs Vineyards
Mindy Craig, Founder, RAPID Climate Action Network
Jim Cramer
Maria Cristini, Maria Cristini . Executive Coaching
Peter Cross, Board member, Acterra
Cathy Crowley
Gina Cuclis
Venise Curry, Board Member, The Climate Center
Chris Cusack
Kirsten Cutler
Michael D’Adamo, Sierra Club
HolLynn D’Lil
Carol Daeley
Lynda Daniels, volunteer, Sierra Club
Lawrence Danos, Unitarian Universaiist Church of San Francisco
Marlene Joy Danzig, Sustainable Rossmoor
Katherine DaSilva Jain, Leadership Team Member, MarinInterfaithClimateAction, EldersClimateAction
John Davenport
John Davis
Richard Dawson, IWW
Terri Day, Writer
Hally DeCarion
Rick DeGolia, Board Chair, Peninsula Clean Energy
Jody Deike
Anne Del Monte, LMFT/ teacher/community based service coordinator, None
Dulce Del Rio-Pineda, Organizational Coordinato, Mujeres de Islas
Danielle Delario, Teacher, Sonoma Academy
Dillon Delvo, Executive Director, Little Manila Rising
Henry DeNicola, Owner, Excell Builders
Sheryl Denker
Carol Denning, President, Energy Pathways, LLC
Linda Deos, Linda Deos for Supervisor
Lynda Deschambault, Executive Director, Non profit Organization
Allie Detrio, Chief Strategist, Reimagine Power
Bess Devone
Lokelani Devone
Renee Devone
Gwen Dhesi
Betty Dickey, teacher, Retired
Agnes Dickson, Chair Environmental Commission, Immaculate Heart Community
Jan Dietrick, President, Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc.
Janet Dietz
Janet Dietzkamei, Member, Central Vallley Air Quality (CVAQ) Coalition
Brian DiGiorgio, Founder, Efficiency Resources
James Dillon, Vice-President, Marketing, Enphase Energy
Gerda Dinwiddie
Priscilla Dioquino
Mike Doherty, retired, Clallam Co. MRC
Richard Dowd, Sonoma Clean Power
Lois Downy, CFO, The Climate Center
James Drain, CEO, Better Management Systems
Elise DuFour, Consultant, Madison River Group
Deborah Dukes, volunteer, climate activist
Connie Dunham
Marsha Dupre, Ph.D., Retired Educator/Counselor, Public Education
Mitchell Dushay
Bruce Dzieza, CEO, Willow Creek Wealth Management
Miranda Edison
Ann Edminster, founder/principal, Design AVEnues LLC
Miriam Eide, Comms and Volunteer Coordinator, Fossil Free California
Anita Eliot, Psychotherapist, Anita Eliot LMFT
Laura Elizares, Gardener
Daniel Ellecamp
Susan Ellenberg, Supervisor, County of Santa Clara
Lawrence Emerson, Chief of Legislative Affairs, EVAoSD
Sandy Emerson, Board President, Fossil Free California
Vivian Engel, Immaculate Heart Community
Alena Ennis
Paula Erickson
Manuel Espinosa, Principal, The Phoenix Group
Cecilia Estolano, CEO, Better World Group
Thea Evensen
Bob Fabian
Gina Fabiano
Rachel Fain
Kathy Falconer, member, City of Visalia Environmental Committee
Mark Fallin, Founder, Ecodesign Consulting
Cary Fargo, Vanguard Properties
Nancy Fastenau
Seth Fearey
Shelly Feazell, RN, Carilion Clinic
Forest Fein
Laura Feinstein, Sustainability and Resilience Policy Director, SPUR
Mark Feldman
R. Alden Feldon, Co-Founder, Earth Legacy Alliance
Thomas Felter, retired, Sandia National Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jennifer Feng
Deirdre Fennessy, Ambassador, Resilient Neighborhoods
Kathleen Fenton
Evan Fern, California Climate Action Corps Fellow, Little Manila Rising
Michael Fieleke, Guiding Teacher and Priest, Boundless Way Zen
Alexis Fineman, Vice Mayor, San Anselmo Town Council
Jared Finnegan, Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
D’Lynda Fischer, Councilmember, City of Petaluma
Jeff Fischer, Winemaker
Laura Fisher
Lois Fisher, Urban Designer, Fisher Town Design
Gregg Fishman, Board Member, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Ted Flanigan, President, EcoMotion
Victoria Fleming, Council Member, City of Santa Rosa
Phebe Fletcher
Ed Flowers
Dan Fogarty
Kerry Fogarty
Neill Fogarty
Paula Fogarty
Peg Folta, Climate action Plan Committee Member, City Committee member
Angela Ford, Sebastopol Climate Action
Ben Ford, Councilmember, City of Cotati
Susan Forsyth, Assistant Professor, Cal State East Bay
Vanessa Forsythe
Kaya Foster
Ignacio Franco, Climate Action Team Chair, Berkeley Rotary
Jennifer Frank
Margo Frank, member, Climate Action Mendocino
Jean Fraser
John Freeman, City Council person, City of San Juan Bautista
Nick Freeman, Principal, Primary Productions
Dolly Freidel, PhD, Professor Emerita, Sonoma State University
George Freund
Gil Friend, CEO, Natural Logic Inc
Zach Friend, County Supervisor, County of Santa Cruz
Audrey Fry
Debora Fudge, Town Councilmember, Town of Windsor
Kerry Fugett
Clint Fultz
Kathryn Funk, Member, 350 SV San Jose Team
Angie Fyfe, Executive Director, ICLEi Local Governments for Sustainability USA
Bob Gaffney, Emissions Consultant/Partner, Advanced Emission
Josie Gaillard, Commissioner, Environmental Quality Commission, City of Menlo Park
Angelina Galiteva, Founder, Chair of the Board, Renewables100 Policy Institute,
Peter Gallett, P. A. Gallett & Assocs.
Tina Devon Gallier, Board Member, 350 Sacramento
Nancy W. Gamble, Director of Philanthropy, Point Blue Conservation Science
Pete Gang, Co-founder, member, Climate Action Petaluma
Peter Gang, Principal Architect, Common Sense Design
Laura Garland
John Garn, Owner, ViewCraft
Catherine Garoupa White
Jean-Francois Gauthier, CEO, Startup Genome
Brett Gentry
Rob George, Project Manger-Bridge to Recovery, Joint Venture Silicon Valley
David Gershon, CEO, Empowerment Institute
Wayne Gibb, Retired
Debbie Gibbs
Savannah Gil, Mobility Options Specialist, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments
Josue Gil-Silva, Summer Intern, Shake Energy Collaborative
Chris Gilbert
Janet Gilbert, Volunteer, Tolowa Dunes Stewards
Duncan Gilchrist, Board Member, Clean Energy Action
Jock Gilchrist, Researcher, E2, Natural Capitalism Solutions, The Climate Center
Gerard Giudice, Gerard Giudice
Carol Glaser, Napa Climate Now!
Ira K. Glasser
Stephanie Glatt

Madelyn Glickfeld, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
Joe Goethals, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo
Gabriel Goffman, Volunteer, DSA SF
Warren M. Gold
Steven Goldberg
Mark Golembiewski
Elliot Gonzales, Organizer, Stop Fracking Long Beach
Josie Gonzalez, Development, CSU Fresno
Steve Gonzalez, HVAC Director, Quality Conservation Services,LLC
Gayle Goodbread
Jon Goodfellow
Marvin Goodman, Member – Steering Committ, CA Interfaith Power & Light
Shauna Goodman, Program Director, Local Government Commission
Blaine and Sidne Goodwin
Miki Goralsky
Ellen Gordon
James Gore, Fourth District Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Susan Gorin, 1st District Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Catherine Goshay, Producer/Director, Goshay Productions LLC
Joni Goshorn
Gretchen Grani, Sustainability & Regeneration Lead, Guayaki
Natasha Granoff
Jim Grant, Director, Social Justice Ministry, Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno
Richard Gray, volunteer, 350 Bay Area
Sara Greenwald
Briana Grether, Nursing Student, UCLA School of Nursing
Elizabeth Griego
Nory Griffin
Terri Griffin
Katy Grischy
Laura Gromis, Executive Director, USGBC Central California
Janice Gullarian
Chlele Gummer, UUCSR
Stephen Gunther, DER Policy Manager, Center for Sustainable Energy
Dave Guttman, Member of Greenpeace, Climate Reality, CCL …
Beth Hadley, President, Sonoma Valley Democrats
Bruce Hagen, GO Teams Program Manager, Business Climate Leaders
John Haig, WCWD
Linda Kay Hale, Retired, Educational Consultant
Ashley Hall
Leigh Hall
R Haller
Bonnie Hamilton, Physician, Solano Climate Policy Action Team
Kevin Hamilton, Co-director and CEO, Central California Asthma Collaborative
Reed Hamilton, Member, Nevada County Climate Action Now
Karen Hammer
Debora Hammond
Tara Hammond, Founder 7 CEO, Hammond Climate Solutions
Steve Hams, Engagement Director, Business Climate Leaders
Ann Hancock, Co-founder and Chief Strategist, The Climate Center
Linda Hanes, MD
Jake Hanft
Hannah Hansen
Janice Hardy
Heidi Harmon, Mayor, City of San Luis Obispo
Kristin Harms
Davis Harper
Tina Harper, Teacher
Karen Harrington, Volunteer, 350 Bay Area and Climate Reality Project
Sara Harris
Katharine Harrison, member, SD350
Terry Harrison
Caryl Hart, Commissioner, California Coastal Commission
Kathleen Hart, Board Chair, Stockton Symphony Association
Susan Hartz
Ann Harvey, Member, Climate Health Now
Kim Harvey, MD
Susan Harvey
Richard Haskell, Chair, Board of Directors, Sustainable Claremont
Woody Hastings, Energy Program Manager, The Climate Center
Else Hauzy, DIXIT LLC
Robert Haw, owner, Habitable Designs
Kathleen Hawker
Maia Hawkins-Litvin
Curt Hayden
james hays, retired, CCL
Marie Hebert
Trathen Heckman, Director, Daily Acts
Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow, Post Carbon Institute
Jennifer Helfrich
Tom Helm, co-liaison to Rep. Thompson, Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Erica Helson
Linda Hemenway, Volunteer, Indivisible Sonoma County
Regan Hemphill
Tom Hemphill
Ron Henderson, President, ECO Systems Inc
Burr Heneman, Commonweal
Carol Henning, Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter
Starr Hergenrather, Owner, Hemporium
Rebecca Herman
Scott Hess, Owner, Scott Hess Photography
Alison Hicks, Council Member, City of Mountain View
Brian Hicks, RASA
Melissa Hicks
Tim Hicks, Conflict Resolution professional
Chris High, AHA member
Dara Hill
Stephanie Hiller, free lance writer, Sonoma
Brodie Hilp, President, San Ramon Valley Democratic Club
Zach Hilton, Council Member, Gilroy City Council
Thomas Hirasuna, retired
Barry Hirsch
Alissa Hirshfeld
George Ho
Peter Hoberg, Small business owner, Filta
Christine Hoex, volunteer, 350 Sonoma
Steve Hogle
Jim Holland
Richard Holland, General Partner, Holland International Consultants
Taylor Hollman, Fellow, California Climate Action Corps
Thor Holm, General Manager, Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary
Tim Holmes, Kenwood Energy
Masayo Honjo
Donna Hoover
Madeline Hope, Director, http://tbyclounge.org
Lynda Hopkins, Fifth District Supervisor, County of Sonoma
John Horrell, Landscape
Don Horsley, County Supervisor, San Mateo County
Liam Horstick
Gene & Jodi Hottel
Joe Houde, Consultant, NCCCA
Nancy Houghton, Director, Hospice
Diane Howard, Mayor, City of Redwood City
Janet Howard, Member, Central Valley Air Quality (CVAQ) Coalition
Lisa Howard
Jeri Howland, CEO, Bungalow Industries/bungalow munch organic granola
Nancy Huante-Tzintzun, Co Director, Nopal
Marc Huerta
Bettina Hughes
Mark Hughes
Kim Hui
John Hume
Suzanne Hume, Educational Director & Founder, CleanEarth4Kids.org
Derek Huntington, , CFO, Promise Energy Inc.
Linda Hutchins-Knowles, California Senior Organizer, Mothers Out Front
Joanne Hutton
Ellee Igoe, Co-Director, carbon Sink Farms
Anne Infeld, Retired
Joel Infeld
Ellie Insley, Vice President – Board of Directors, Sonoma Ecology Center
Lara Isaacson
Toshihiko Ishihara, Board Member, San Diego 350
Carolyn T Israel, in-home Caregiver, WILPF
Caitlin Robinett Jachimowicz, Attorney, Jachimowicz Law Group
Veronica Jacobi, Founder of Climate Protection & Recovery Fund, Former Santa Rosa Councilwoman, CoFounder SCWC
Sheila Jacobs, Cofounder, Outreach & volunteer coordinator, SF Bay Area Climate restoration circle
Debbra Jacobs-Robinson
Jonathan Jacoby, Board President, Family Promise of San Joaquin County.
Anne Jacopetti, 350 Sonoma, AJR, SoCoCan
Carl Jaeger, Director, Scott Street Films
Sudhanshu Jain, Councilmember, City of Santa Clara
Allie Jennings
Theresa Jensen
Xiao Jiang, Student, Pomona College, Harvey Mudd College, and CHERP Locally Grown
Angelica Jochim
Adrienne Johnson, Point Energy Innovations
Chris Johnson, CEO, Blue Planet Energy Systems, LLC
Corrie Johnson
David Johnson
John Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Shannan Johnson, Volunteer, WeAct-Windsor Earth Action Climate Team
Shirley Johnson, Teacher,
Drew Johnstone, Sr. Sustainability Analys, City of Santa Monica
Amy Jolly, The Climate Center
Karin Jones
Rev. Allan B. Jones
Kathy Juarez, Paralegal, Law Office
Wally Juchert, WECAN
Leona Judson, Advocacy Chair, League of Women Voters, Sonoma County
Natasha Juliana, Owner, WORK Petaluma
Tom Kabat, Board Member, Carbon Free Silicon Valley
Jan Kahdeman
Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland City Council
Ash Kalra, Assemblymember, State Assembly
Bonnie Karlsen
Greg Karras, he, him, his, Principal, Community Energy reSource
Brianna Kearney
Anne Keck
Alexander Keilty, Dean of Students, Oxbow School
Melissa Kelley
Georgia Kelly, Founder/Director, Praxis Peace Institute
Lucy Kenyon
Dave Kern, Membership Chair, Sustainable Rossmoor
Alison Kerr, Mayor, City of Del Rey Oaks
Kathy Kerridge, Good Neighbor Steering Committee of Benicia
Jonathan Kevles, President and Owner, The Kevles Group
Robert Kibrick, co-lead, Climate and Environmental Justice Research Team, California Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Renata Kiefer, MD, MPH, Health care consulting
Gary Kiehne
Dawn Kimble
Yael Kisel, Dr
Larry Klein, Mayor, City of Sunnyvale
Sabrina Klein Clement
Ron Kleist, President, VortX KleanAir Systems
erika klohe
Paul Klonsky, retired
Anna Klovstad, Vice Mayor, Town of Truckee
Eleanor Kneibler
Michelle Knoop, Accent Coach, EnglishWorks
George Kopf, Field Manager, CLEAResult
Karissa Korb
Paul Koretz, Councilmember, Los Angeles City Council
Lorenzo Kristov, Principal Market Architect, Electric System Policy
Kamryn Kubose
Carol Kuczora, League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County
Laurence Kuhn, Biz Dev / Sustainability, A Greener Source
Kallie Kull
David Kunhardt, Vice Mayor, Town Council
Frederick Kusin, Realtor, Compass / Real Estate
Michael Kutilek, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, SJSU
Kiki La Porta, Board VP, Sustainable Marin
Katelyn Lacerda
Melissa Ladrech, LMFT
Marissa LaMagna, Executive Director, Bay Area Green Tours
Garland Lamb
Dan Lambert, Solar Energy Consultant, Dan Lambert Consulting
Mariselle Lancero, Research Associate III, Climate Reality – Bay Area Chapter & Solano County Action Te
Mark Landman, Vice Mayor, Cotati City Council
Miriam Landman, M. Landman Communications
Helen Lang, Board member, Overbrook Foundation
Teresa Langness, Founder, Full-Circle Learning
Caroline Lapere
Paul Larkin, PE, Volunteer, Citizens Climate Lobby
Margaret Larson, Proposal Coordinator, REC Solar
Melissa Lasher
Gary Lasky, Chair, Sierra Club Tehipite Chapter
Antje Lauer, Professor, CSUB
Bo Laurent
Karen Lauterbach
Stacey Lawson, Vice Chairman, Ygrene Energy Fund
Ardath Lee
Elaina Lee, Sr. Project Coordinator, The Energy Coalition
Kenna Lee, RN, Providence St Joseph Health
Rabbi Susan Leider, Sr. Rabbi, Congregation Kol Shofar
Delisa Leighton, , , Savationa Army – Marin County
David Leland
Mike Lemyre, SVP of Government Affairs & PR, Ygrene Energy Fund
Tish Levee, columnist for the Gazette, ‘For the Planet’
Julie Leveque, FNP
Mary Leveque, Summerfield Waldorf School
Marc Levine, Assemblymember, California State Assembly
Bob Levy
Craig Lewis, Executive Director, Clean Coalition
Genevieve Liang
Marcia Liberson, medical social worker, Kaiser Permanente
Kenneth Likitprakong, Owner, Hobo Wine Compay
Jim Lindburg, Legislative Consultant, Friends Committee on Legislation of California
Cindy Lindh, Member, Earth Care Committee
Michael Lipelt
Ronnie Lipschutz, President & Co-director, Sustainable Systems Research Foundation
Louise Lipsey
Christopher Lish
Kirsten Liske
Cassandra Lista, Retored, UUC,SR, Sierra Club
Karen Litfin, University of Washington
Karin Livingstone, Mistress, Lilley Mountain Academy of Learning
Roman LoBianco, Wildlife Biologist
Reta Lockert, Planned giving officer, Sonoma Land Trust
Donna Lockhart
David Loeb
Ruth Lombard
Janelle London, Co-Executive Director, COLTURA
Carolyn Losee, Owner/Principal, Archaeological Resources Techn.
Sarah Ludwig, Mentor Teacher, NatureBridge
Mary Luevano
Christel Lukoff
Gianna Lum
Miguel Luna, Owner, Urban Semillas
Richard Lund, Bioprocess Development Engineer, BlueNalu
Sonaar Luthra, CEO, Water Canary
Mereoni Lutuciri, Certified Climate Reality leader, Climate Reality Leadership
Jim Lutz, HWR
Hillary Lynne
Mary Lyons, Phd, LMFT, Psychotherapist, Mary Killeen Lyons PhD
DeAngelo Mack, Director of State Policy, Public Health Advocates
Jake Mackenzie, Vice Mayor, City of Rohnert Park
Terea Macomber, Electric Vehicle Project Director, GRID Alternatives
Katherine MacQueen
Connie Madden, co-owner, Oasis Community Farm
Ginny Madsen, member, First Wednesdays San Leandro
Virginia Madsen, member, First Wednesdays
Shan Magnuson
Matt Maguire, Former Petauma City Councilman
Matthew Mahan, Councilmember-elect, City of San Jose
Karina Maher, Physician
Jenna Mann
Jeanie Mar
Felicia Marcus, Landreth Visiting Fellow, Stanford University
Ada Marquez
Helene Marsh
Pete Marsh, CEO, Vector Green Power and Materials LLC
Elliot Marshall
Andrew Martin, Mayor’s Office

John Mason, Board Member, Unitarian Universalist Congregation Santa Rosa
Heath Massey, State Coordinator, NorCal, Citizens Climate Lobby
Justin Massey, Mayor/Councilmember, City of Hermosa Beach
Justine Massey, Policy Advocate, Community Water Center
Merrill Matchett, retired
Jeff Mathias, Owner, Synergy Solar & Electrical Systems Inc.
Lisa Mathiesen, Staff Accountant, The Climate Center
Danielle Maybach
Michael Mayfield, , California State University, Fresno
Vicki Mayster, Teacher
Piper Mc Nulty, volunteer/ activist, SV-CAN!
Damien McAnany, Design Director, Permaculture Artisans
Richard McCann, Partner, M.Cubed
Ashley McClure, Physician, Climate health Now
David McCoard, Volunteer, Sierra Club
Michael McCormick, Founder and President, Farallon Strategies LLC
Peter McDonald, Retired: Fresno State, Sierra Club
Kevin McDonnell, City Council, Petaluma City
janet McGarry
Rev. Will McGarvey, Exe. Dir, Interfaith Council of CCC, Interfaith Climate Action Network of Contra Costa County
Alexandra McGee
James McGreen, Director, The Climate Center
Rick McKinney, retired professor of medicine
Stacy Mclaughlin, Owner, Stacy McLaughlin Hairstylist
Nancy McMahon
Cynthia McMath
Kelley McNeal
Mac McQuown, Dimensional
Cristina Medina Dirksen, Councilwoman, City of Marina
Scott Meinzen
Stacey Meinzen
Kate Meis, Local Government Commission
Karen Mendelow, Vice President, Environmental Forum of Marin
Lisa Mendes, Partner, Mendes Weed, LLP
Jerilyn López Mendoza, Regional Organizer, The Climate Center
Candice Meneghin, Board Member, Friends of the Santa Clara River
Teresa Meredith, TreePro, Co-owner
Ruth Merino, Chair, San Jose Community Energy Advocates
Matt Metzler
Tom Meyskens
Mary Michael
Lisa Micheli, PhD
Maureen Middlebrook
Ruth Ann Midi
John Mihalik, Climate Activist, Physician,
Glyn Milburn, Director of Government Affairs, Ygrene Energy Fund
Meredith Milet, Epidemiologist
Liore Milgrom-Gartner, Northern California Director, California Interfaith Power & Light
Adam Millard-Ball, Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Cheryle Miller
Gordon Miller, Our Revolution Contra Costa
Matthew Miller
Elizabeth Milliken, President & CEO, Spottswoode Winery, Inc.
Amana Millstein, Dr, Medical Doctor, Co-Founder, Climate Health Now
Lillian Mirviss, Senior Manager of Government Affairs, Center for Sustainable Energy
Niko Misthos, Chairman, Laney and Pasha Thornton Foundation
Clark Mitchel
Holly Mitchell, former California State Senator
Harlan Mittag
Sam Miyamoto, Creator/Founder, GreenHacks
Maria Miyashiro
Paul Moderacki
Anthony Molina, M.D.
Samuel Molina, California State Director, Mi Familia Vota
Robin Moller
Jay Monahan, Soil Carbon Management Company
Dianne Monroe
Bill Montgomery
Rebecca Montgomery
Stuart Moody, Music teacher, Khalsa Montessori School Tucson AZ
Terri Moon
Patricia Moore
Ruth Moore, Retired teacher, Individual
James Morales
Yuri Morales, Chief Program Officer, America SCORES Bay Area
Jeralyn Moran, Co-Chair, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Green Committee
Jennifer Morehouse, Director, Communications, Soil Centric
Jana Moreno, Semi-retired Building Inspector
Erika Morgan, Owner/ Principal Consultant, Energetic Management Associates
Karima Morgan
Michael Morrison
Mark Mortensen
John Mott-Smith, Yolo County
Barbara Moulton, Group co-leader, Santa Rosa Group of Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Ray Mueller, City Councilmember, City of Menlo Park
Kris Muller
Phillip Muller, SCD Energy Solutions
Kevin Mullin, Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore, California State Assembly
Kevin Mulvey
Mary Munat, Green Mary
Cristina Munk
Marisol Munoz-Kiehne
Tamara Murrell
Kalia Mussetter, Founder/Trauma-Informed Provider & Thought Leader, Living Bridges
Ed Myers, ECMC
Anthony Myint, Co-Founder, Zero Foodprint
Debbie Mytels, Chair, Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action
Tanya Narath, Director of Climate Progr, Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority
Betsy Nash, Vice Mayor, City of Menlo Park
Sammy Nasr, Program Director, LITE Initiatives
Mary Naughton, UCLA Law School
Joseph Naworski
Christina Nelson
Eliza Nemser, Co-Founder, Climate Changemakers
Connie Neuhouser
Sandy Neumann, Co-Director, HCA Marin
Denise Newkirk, Owner, Newkirk Associates
eartha newsong
Vanida Ngeam
Nhu Ngo
Georgia Nichol
Maryann Nichols
Kathy Nicholson, Principal, Nicholson Energy Consulting
Paul Nicholson, Artist/Activist, Nicholson Artworks
Sephra Ninow
Megan Nolan, PhD, President, Ananda Gueukula
Joan Normington, Board Member, League of Women Voters Sacramento County
June North
Mark Northcross, Principal, NHA Advisors
Brendan Norton, Civic Spark

Sammy Nuñez, Executive Director, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin
Jennifer O’Connor, Founder, Guidelight Strategies
chloe o’gara
Gwynn O’Gara
Ryan O’Hara
Calleen O’Neall, Executive Assistant, Ventura County Community Foundation
Roberta O’Neill
Robert O’Riley, Chief of Staff, Ventura County Board of Supervisors
Maggie O’Shea, CivicSpark Climate Fellow, Valley Water
Susan Oaks
Beverley Odell, Retired Social worker
David Oldfield
Ernesto Olivares, Director, California Violence Prevention Network
Craig Olson
Inga Olson, Board Member, League Women Voters, Sacramento County
Colleen Oneal, Board Chair, The Arlene Francis Foundation
Steve Ongerth, IWW Environmental Union Caucus
Lillie Oravetz
Ned Orrett
Elke Osheroff Heydecke, XR/Sunflower Alliance
Debora Ow, District Officer, United Methodist Women
Linda Padgett, Contemplative Coach/Climate Activist, Wakeful Living Center
Robin Page
Beth Painter, Napa City Councilmember, District 2, Balanced Planning, Inc.
Cecilia Palmtag
Jane Paneitz
Alison Paolercio
Gretchen Paradis
Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Climate Resolve
Diana Parham, San Jose Clean Energy Advocates
Carol Parker, volunteer, LWV
Linda Parks, Supervisor, District 2, County of Ventura
Tonya Parnak, Steering Committee, 350Petaluma
Stephanie Parreira, IPM Writer/Editor
Manuel Pastor, USC Equity Research Institute
Rebecca Patrascu
Elizabeth Patterson, Mayor, City of Benicia
Clydell Peairs, Stay-At-Home Father
Elizabeth Pearce, CFA, CEO, Sym Soil Inc.
Jeannine Pearce, Founder, Fierce Courage, LLC
Lois Pearlman
Andy Pease, In Balance Green Consulting
Claire Peaslee, West Marin Climate Action
Christopher Peck, Managing Partner, Natural Investments
Jacque Pedgrift
Allison Pedrazzi
David Pellow, Dehlsen Professor, University of California Santa Barbara
Susan Penner, RN, DrPH, 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations
Craig Perkins, Executive Director, The Energy Coalition
Robert Perkowitz, ecoAmerica
Mary Perner
Jeffrey Perrone
Robert Perry, Principal Consultant, Synergistic Solutions
Samuel Perry
Roland Pesch
Ariel Peterson
Hannah Peterson, Volunteer, SD350
Nadine Peterson, Retired
Nick Peterson, Member, Albany Climate Action Committee
Kelly Phipps
Gayle Pickrell
Lisa Pierce, None, Sebastopol Climate Action Committee
Mairi Pileggi, West Marin Climate Action
Dave Pine, County Supervisor, San Mateo County
Carolyn Pistone, Clear Blue Commercial, Inc.
Bianca Pitt, Development Board, ClientEarth
Charles Plopper, Professor emeritus, University of California, Davis
Suzanne Plopper, retired
Phyllis Plotkin
Dennis Pocekay, MD, MPH, Petaluma City Councilperson, City of Petaluma
Tina Poles, Teacher
Claudia Ponath
Kathleen Pooler, LCSW
Yvonne Postelle
Cynthia Poten
Ashleigh Powell
Grant Power
Margo Praus, Delta Sierra Group
Karen Preuss, Photographer
Marilyn Price, Co Chair, Sustainable Mill Valley
Susan Price, Daily Acts
Deborah Prince
Nora Privitera
Shalini Priyadarshini
Alan Proulx, Volunteer, Southeast Greenway Campaign
Linda and Alan Proulx, Volunteer, Southeast Greenway Campaign
Jonathan Pruitt, Environmental Justice Program Coordinator, Catholic Charities
Lizbeth Prunuske
Gordon Pugh
Bryan Quigley
Alison Quoyeser, Co-Director, Amigos Alados
David Rabbitt, Supervisor, 2nd District, Sonoma County
Kim Rago, ED, Environmental Forum of Marin
Van Rainey, Activist, EBCPA
Vero Ram, UCM
Carmen Ramirez, Supervisor-elect, County of Ventura
Anna Ransome
Joan Rashti
Jessica Rasmussen
Charles Rauch
Marcella Rayher, Principal, Asst Principal, teacher, Retired educator Santa Rosa. City Schools
Pamela Reaves
Leah Redwood, Action Coordinator, Extinction Rebellion SF Bay
Sarah Reed, Environmental Scientist, Self-employed
Suzanne Reed, Founder, The Collaboration Connection, https://www.collaborationconne
Madelyn Reese, Freelance Journalist
Roberto Reichard
Christopher Reiger
Matt Renner, Executive Director, Climate Mobilization Project
Rob Rennie, Vice Mayor, Town of Los Gatos
Karen Reside, Chair Advocacy Committee, Long Beach Gray Panthers
Susan Reyes, Climate Justice and Civic Engaement Advocate
Susana Reyes, Environmental consultant and EJ advocate, Agilenginesllc
Michael Richard, Advocacy professional & Writer
Willard Richards, Retired, SCTLC
Nancy E Richardson
Andrew Riding
Donita Ries
Jennifer Rigby, director, The Acorn Group
Larry Rillera, zev mfg, workforce, and equity, ca energy commission
Wendy Ring, ED, Climate 911
Bruce Riordan, Program Director, Climate Readiness Institute @ UC Berkeley
Donald Rivenes, Nevada County Climate Action Now
Eric Rivero-Montes, GHG Reporting Supervisor, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Marti Roach, 350 BAA
Anila Roberts
Marty Roberts
Sue Robertson, Associate Professor, Emeritus, CSU Fullerton
Larry Robinson, Board member, Climate Center
Susan Robinson, Coastal Art Works
Destiny Rodriguez, Regional Community Relations, The Climate Center
Jim Rodriguez
Jimmie Rodriguez
Martha Rodriguez
Olivia Rodriguez, Urban Forestry Fellow, Americorps
Yammilette Rodriguez, Youth Leadership Institute
Laurette Rogers
Wesley Rolley
Richard Rollins, Team Leader, Climate Emergency Mobilization Team, Sierra Club
Billi Romain, Mgr Energy & Sustainable, City of Berkeley
Carlos Romero, Mayor, City of East Palo Alto
Melissa Romero, Legislative Affairs Manager, California League of Conservation Voters
Catherine Ronan
Mary Rooney
Jason Rose
Madeleine Rose
Laura Rosenberger Haider, Secretary, Fresnans Against Fracking
Stephen Rosenblum, 350SV
Cheryl Rosenstein
Andy Roth, Director, Energy Services, Aircon Energy
Annika Rothbaum
Irwin Rothenberg, Founder, The Gift – End of Life Conversations
Dorothy Royce
Kirsten Rudestam
Linda Rudolph, MD, MPH, Senior Advisor, Center for Climate Change and Health
Steven Ruesel
Audrey Rust, Retired
Robert Rutherford, MD, MPH, retired physician
Paige Rutten, Project Coordinator, Blue Planet Energy
L S, Engineer
Angelo Sacerdote, Co-owner, Petaluma Pie Company
Ron Sadler
Ann Sakaguchi, owner, Ki Arts
Sam Salmon, Council Person, Town of Windsor
Ivan Samuels, ED, March Conservation Fund
Mel Sandholm
Sue Sandholm
Clay Sandidge, Energy Market Sector Leader, P2S Inc
Madison Sankovitz
Benjamin Santer, Climate scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sophia Santitoro
Susannah Saunders, Founder, Indivisible Ross Valley
VJ Saunders
Vail Schaeffer
Rowan Schmidt, Program Director, Earth Economics
Steve Schmidt, COO, Home Energy Analytics
Ann Schneider, Mayor, City of Millbrae
Richard Schorske, Executive Director, ZNE Alliance
Megan Schostek
Jay Schulman
Lesa Schwartz
Marna Schwartz, City of Berkeley
Tom Schwedhelm, Council Member, City of Santa Rosa
Monique Scobey
Craig Scott
Annie Scully
Pauline Seales, organizer, Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Pam Seator
Marian Sedio
Anne Seeley
Ellen Seh
Kathryn Selm
Elise Semonian
Richard Senghas, Professor of Anthropology, Sonoma State University
Jodi Seward
Steven Shaffer, Principal
Gary Shamshoian, CEO/Engineering Consultant, Integrated Building Design Engineering
Maria Shanle
Lane Sharman, Executive Director, San Diego Energy District Foundation
Larry Sheehy, Co-founder/Coordinator-Web Networker, Watershed Poetry Mendocino
Margaret Shekell
Asher Sheppard, PhD
Ann Shippey, Student t, SRJC
Kimberly Shirley, Council Member, City of Del Rey Oaks
Rebecca A. Shirley
Patricia Showalter, Councilmember, City of Mountain View
Andy Shrader, Director of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy & Sustainability, Office of Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz
Bill Shreve, Creation Care Team Leader, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
John Shribbs, President, Petaluma Wetlands Alliance
Dave Shukla, Operations Director, Long Beach Alliance for Clean Energy
Megan Shumway, Member, Sacramento Climate Coalition
Zoe Siegel, Director of Special Proje, greenbelt alliance
Alan Siegle, owner, Sonoma Compost Company
Stephanie Siehr, Professor, University of San Francisco
Sunali Shanti Sikand, climate action committee
Petra Silton
Ellen Maremont Silver
Lori Simerly, Retired teacher
Jen Ann Simmons, Owner & Consultant, Jen Ann Studio & Fossil Free CA
Rupi Singh
Rachel Singleton, CSUS
Rod Sinks, Immediate past Chair, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Lew Sitzer
Naomi Siu, healthcare
Bernard Smith, retired, Self
Geoffrey Smith, Owner, BikePartners Bicycle Shop
Joey Smith
Leslie Smith, President, LesliePlatoSmith
Vicki Smith
John Snell, Electrical Engineer
Roger Snow, Energy Solutions Advocate, Easy Energy Solutions
Sal Solorio-ruiz, Councilmember
Bridget Somine, Naturopathic Doctor, Bridget Somine, ND
John Sorensen, Director, Elders Action Network
Alan Soule, President, North Bay Electric Auto Association
Logan Spalding, Beneficial Electrification Fellow, Acterra
Laura Sparks, City Council Member – Elect, City of Cotati
Margaret Spaulding
Edda Spielmann
Rebecca Stadtner
Aaron Stainthorp
Peter Stanley, President/CEO, ArchiLOGIX
Cate Steane, Founder, Make It Happen Preparedness Services
Stefan Stehling, Owner, ROOTS Solutions, LLC
Susan Steinbrecher
Moli Steinert
Kat Stephens, retired
Diana Stepner
Catherine Stevenson
Blair Stewart
Brian Stewart, Electrify Now
Jim Stewart, PhD
Robert Stiffler
Debra Stokes
Laura Stokes, Owner, Laura Stokes Online Art Sales and Gallery
Alan Stoltzfus
Miriam Stombler, Attorney
Judith Stone, Retired pastor, Reverend
Mark Stone, Assemblymember, State Assembly
Charles Stott, Principal, Stott Architects
Tina Stott
Alan Strachan
Joyce Strand, Co-founder, Sustainable Ramona
Cynthia Strecker
Anne Christine Strugnell
Alice Sung, Principal, Greenbank Associates
Dee Swanhuyser
Leslie Swanson
Zeno Swijtink
Christopher Szecsey, Consultant
Kyoko Takayama, Chapter Lead, OFA East Bay Central
Joan Takayama-Ogawa, Professor, Otis College of Art and Design
Xinci Tan, Organics Program Manager, Zero Waste Sonoma
Genevieve Taylor
Jean Taylor
Terry Taylor, CEO, Global Genesis
Kenda Templeton, PUENTES
Terry Teplitz
Brent Tercero, Former Mayor, City of Pico Rivera
Isaiah Thalmayer
Rick Theis
Lorraine Thiebaud, RN, Association of Nurses for Healthy Environments
Susan Thomas
Julie Thomason, Nanny
Karen Thompson, CNPS
Shauna Thompson
Trevor Thompson, Maintenance Worker, Sonoma County Parks
Greg Thomson, ZNE Alliance
Tara Timberman
Jody Timms
Barbara Tjernell, Member Green Team, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael
Wendy Tobiasson
Daniel Tomko
Kay Tornborg, Executive Director, Flora L Thornton Foundation
A. Bambi Tran
Kathleen Treseder, PhD, Chair, Environmental Working Action Group, Women for American Values and Ethics (WAVE)
Daisy Tsao
Laura Tugwell, Sustainability Data Specialist/Admin assistant, Carmel Building & Design
Christina Turgeon
Mike Turgeon, Organizer, Friends of the Climate Action Plan
George Tyson, Vice Mayor, Town of Los Altos Hills
Ian Ullery
Kristin Underwood
Brian Unitt, Senior Appellate Counsel, Holstein, Taylor and Unitt APC
Ben Valente
Carl van Reis
krae Van Sickle, Co-Founder, Drawdown East End
Christina Vanciu, Analyst
Ellen Vandenberg
Gail Vann
Vicki Vaughn, Solar Works
Ananda Deviika Ma Devii Velashevich, President, Ananda Wellness Institute of Yogic Wisdom & Ayurve
Beberly Velasquez, Project Developer, SunPower
Marc Vendetti
Valerie Ventre-Hutton, University of California – Retired
Linda Verdone
Barry Vesser, COO, The Climate Center
Earl Vickers
Francesca Vietor, ,
Monica Vincent
Allen Volpe, Northern Pacific Power Systems
Catherine VonBurg, CEO & President, SimpliPhi Power, Inc
Linda Waldroup
Hugh Walker
Victoria Wallace, Graduate Student, UCSB
Peter Wallis, President, US Decarbonization Project
Diana Chapman Walsh
James Ware, Executive Director, The Future of Work
Vanessa Warheit, Equitable Climate Solutions Advocate, Sven Thesen & Assoc.
David Warrender, volunteer, Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Donna Warshaw
Nichole Warwick
Kathy Watanabe, Councilmember, City of Santa Clara
Linda Watkins
Warren/Janis Watkins
Liz Watson
Cathy Webber, First Congregational Church of Sonoma
Todd Weber, Volunteer, Acting Chapter President, Elders Climate Action (ECA) NorCal Chapter
Carol Weed, Sustainable Rossmoor
Karen Weeks
Kent Wegener, VP UNA-USA East Bay Chapter, Mr. Kent Wegener
Cheryl Weiden, volunteer, 350 Silcon Valley
Martin Weil
Beth Weinberger
Bret Weinberger, Climate Resolve
BRET WEINBERGER, Graduate Student Researcher, UCLA
Beth Weinman, Associate Professor, California State University, Fresno
Jonathan Weintraub, Ride Off Ranch
Steven Weissman, Goldman School of Public Policy
Joannna Welch, Humboldt UU Fellowship
Susan Welch
Steve Welge, Manager, Business Development, Enable Energy, Inc.
Elaine Wellin, Director, UUCSR / Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Santa Rosa
Glo Wellman
Pamela Wellner, Chief Strategist, Amplify Eco
Kathy Wells, Senior Management Analyst, City of Palmdale
Ken Wells, owner, Guiding Sustainability
Ted Wells
Kimberly Wesley RN,PHN,MSN, Alameda County Public Health Department
Lauren Weston, Executive Director, Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet
Ruth Wetherow
Carey Caccavo Wheaton, Assembly District Delegate, California Democratic Party
Lynn Wheeler
Dr. Tony White, Retired professor
Amy Whitehouse, Project Manager
Ron Whitehurst, , PCA, Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc.
Bodil Wibe
Kristel Wickham, Chair, Sunnyvale Sustainability Commission
Pamela Wilkinson
Jon Willey, Councilman, Cupertino City Council
Das Williams, Supervisor, County of Santa Barbara
Joey Williams
Mary Williams, Volunteer leader, The Climate Reality Project
TTriss Williams Renard, Associate Program Manager, SEI
Cathy Wills, OchsLabs
Doug Wilson, Board member, Marin Conservation League
Jim Wilson, member, Napa Climate NOW!/ 350 Bay Area
Ken Wilson
Veronica Wilson, California Organizer, Labor Network for Sustainability
Terry Winter
Nic Wisser
Rose Ann Witt
Michael Wittman, President/ CEO, Blue Sky Biochar
Trenton Wolbe, sustainability lead, events, google
Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen, CEO, Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen Studios, LLC
Janet Wolfe, Climate action team
Jeff Wolfe
Jen Wolosin, Councilmember, City of Menlo Park
Bill Wolpert, Principle, Green Building Architects
Marilyn Wolters
Jean Woo, Secretary, NorCal Solar
Jennifer Wood
Jim Wood, California Assemblymember, State Legislature
Bill Woodbridge, member/volunteer/keynote speaker, Sierra Club and Climate Reality Project
Frances Wren
Sigrid Wright, CEO/Executive Director, Community Environmental Council
Celia Wynn-Gould, President, Sonoma State University’s Economics Association
Molly Yoon, Program Director, ZEV2030
Daniel Yost, Former Mayor, Town of Woodside
Abby Young, Climate Protection Manager, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Connie Young
Gregory Young, Program Manager, Clean Coalition
Hilary Young
Denny Zane, Executive Director, California Climate and Clean Air Initiative
Wilder Zeiser, Climate Campaigner, Stand.earth
Angela Zhang
Serena Zhao
Serge Zimberoff
Sara Zimmerman, Director, Climate Equity Policy Center
Gene Zingarellli, advocacy comm. climate change comm. chair., league of woment voters of sonoma co.
Anna Zivian, Senior Research Fellow, Ocean Conservancy
David Zweig

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