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Dick Dowd, Chair of the Business Operations Committee, Sonoma Clean Power Authority

Contributed by Dick Dowd, Chair of the Business Operations Committee, Sonoma Clean Power Authority

Often I am asked why I am so passionate about working with the Center of Climate Protection (CCP). I believe that the time is now to prevent, or at the very least dramatically slow down, global warming. Although I am strongly convinced that global warming is upon us, I also believe that a stronger response is to ask another question: “Why not?” 

Thomas Edison made a similar observation. During a discussion with Harry Firestone and Henry Ford (obviously 3 very famous American citizens), Edison said, “We are all like tenant farmers, we go out into our back yards and tear down our fences, and then we bring the wood into our houses to keep them warm during the winter.  Why don’t we utilize solar, wind, etc. which are there most of the time for us to use to heat our homes?”  This statement was made in 1931.  Of course, Edison was a brilliant man, but to be so forward-thinking just amazes me.

This is just how I intellectualize the predicament in which we find ourselves. As we live out our lives on this planet, we can believe in global warming (which is very much most likely exacerbated by humans), or not. The reality of the situation is that fossil fuels are limited in supply no matter how creative we can be in recovering them for our uses. 

So, the question I pose is:

Why not find other sources of energy that are renewable and available to us so that we can extend whatever life remains in the supply of fossil fuels?

There is no logical reason not to do so.  We can preserve some of the available supply of fossil fuels for our children, grandchildren, and, maybe, even many generations beyond that if we are diligent as well as fortunate. In the meantime, innovative human beings may develop even more creative energy sources over time so that a crisis for future generations is not pending.

I just firmly believe that there is no logical conclusion to come to, but to do what we can with renewable energy resources now so that the future looks so much more positive for the generations of humans that will follow. 

Thus, I find it exhilarating to work with CCP to further solutions in this regard.

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