Shauna Langan joins the Center as an intern focused on Community Choice and agriculture

My name is Shauna Langan and I am a new student intern at The Climate Center, researching how Community Choice Energy farmers and other agricultural interests in Fresno County.

For the Center, I am creating a database of farms and agricultural organizations in Fresno County, and conducting a survey of farms and other agricultural operations in existing Community Choice Energy service territories to assess the Community Choice Energy experience of farmers and others in the Ag industry.

The database and survey will then be used as the basis of a paper that will aim to answer the question: “How can Community Choice help the agricultural industry?” The paper will provide farmers and others with information and resources about the benefits of water and energy savings best practices.

Coming from San Diego County, I understand the need for water and energy conservation and how closely water and energy use are related, and I plan to pursue a career in water and energy management. My hope is to carry this work abroad.

I am getting a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Planning with a concentration in Energy Management and Design from Sonoma State. I plan to also get a Masters in Water Management.

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  1. Debora chapman
    Debora chapman says:

    WOW! Excited to hear about your experiences. Thanks for helping our planet
    Sign me up to get the blog please,


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