Watch an electric Ford F-150 pickup truck tow 1 million pounds

by Victor Tangermann, Futurism

In a publicity stunt and impressive feat of strength, an all-electric Ford F-150 pickup truck just pulled a million pounds of enormous double-decker rail cars behind it for 1,000 feet — the length of 42 fossil-fuel-chugging F-150s.

To hammer the point home, Ford then parked the 42 F-150s on the rail cars and towed the whole setup for another 1,000 feet — a total of 1.25 million pounds.

The amazing show comes thanks to the instant torque that’s available to electric motors. Internal combustion engines have to get going and rev up before unleashing their maximum potential torque. But the grueling tow is “far beyond any production truck’s published capacity” and shouldn’t be tried at home, according to a Ford statement.

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