Vistra, Tesla and PG&E seeking world’s first 1 GWh+ batteries

by John Weaver, PV Magazine USA

We’re at the very front edge of a demand driven revolution on global electric grids, with lithium-ion batteries as the central resource. The headlines get to say largest every other week (largest utility scale DC-coupled, largest solar+storage, just the largest). And every once in a while, superlatives like ‘unprecedented‘ or ‘big hat and a respectfully-sized field of cattle‘ get slipped into an article. And all of this and more may be needed if the United States makes the revolutionary move toward a grid powered by 80% solar+wind.

The newest chapter in this movement comes from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) as it seeks approval for four energy storage projects(PDF), each with a slightly different purpose, totaling 567 MW / 2.27 gigawatt-hours (GWh). Among the four projects are two that would be the largest lithium ion batteries globally on their own, including one that would be the largest chemical battery globally.

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