Global Commission calls for a food revolution to solve world’s climate & nutrition problems

by Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News

An ambitious report on the global food system from a commission convened by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet calls for a radical change in food production—or, as one of the authors put it: “Nothing less than a new global agricultural revolution.”

It’s the latest research to emphasize that the futures of the climate and human health are deeply intertwined. In order to meaningfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize the climate, the world needs a “comprehensive shift” in its diet, the authors say.

“The dominant diets that the world has been producing and eating for the past 50 years are no longer nutritionally optimal, are a major contributor to climate change, and are accelerating erosion of natural biodiversity,” The Lancet’s editors write in a commentary accompanying the report, released Wednesday.

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