Protect Californians with Senate Bill 467

Take action before April 27th to save Senate Bill 467!

Introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, this legislation will establish 2,500 foot protective health & safety setback zones between oil and gas sites and homes & schools and other facilities where people spend time.

If we can convince just ONE more of the senators on the Senate Natural Resources Committee to commit to voting for the amended version of SB 467, it will be reconsidered by the committee on April 27!

Have 2 Minutes?

Call Senator Eggman first! Call (202) 618-4297 or (209) 948-7930

Have 10 Minutes?

Call all 3 Senators!
Senator Eggman – (202) 618-4297 or (209) 948-7930
Senator Hertzberg – (218) 209-4082 or (818) 901-5588
Senator Hueso – (844) 672-5067 or (619) 409-7690

Use the info and script below.

Write a letter to the editor using this handy Letter to the Editor Tool to respond to to one of these articles: SF Editorial Board and LA Times Editorial Board that call out the failures of CA as a climate justice leader.

The health of frontline communities is on the line. Take action by sending a message of support for SB 467 to your California legislative representative today.

Special thanks to VISION, FossilFree California, California Environmental Justice Alliance, and Mothers Out Front for making these actions so easy!