South Bronx teens get creative about climate change

by Paola Rosa-Aquino, Grist

On a recent fall afternoon in the South Bronx, a cadre of high schoolers, teenagers, and community members carefully applied colorful splotches of paint to an empty brick wall overlooking International Community High School. Stroke by stroke, their designs began to form: long, green grass. A blazing yellow sun. And to the side, a pair of towering smokestacks, billowing clouds of thick, black smoke.

The mural, titled “A Path to Choose,” is meant to serve not only as adornment but also as education about climate change and its immediate impact in the South Bronx. The densely populated borough is at a higher risk than other parts of New York City to experience extreme heat waves. The neighborhood is also a hotspot for community action, including several community-led justice efforts. The teens’ mural design reflects both realities — the hope and urgency of a climate-changing world.

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