Sound off on climate

Below is a sample letter written by a former Santa Rosa mayor and climate champion for over 20 years. It was published in the Press Democrat on June 16, 2021. Customize this for your local government using a current news hook.

Sound off on climate

EDITOR: Scientists announced that “carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached its highest levels since accurate measurements began 63 years ago” (“Carbon dioxide in atmosphere breaks record,” June 8). Clearly we’re in big trouble.

Climate-Safe California, a program of the Climate Center, has mapped out a plan to get this state to net negative emissions by 2030, a timespan scientists tell us is required if we are going to avert even worse disasters than we are experiencing right now. But as California dries up and burns, our state legislators do very little, thanks to the influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Those who work in Sacramento tell us that legislators pay close attention to resolutions from local governmental boards and commissions. Yet our county has been remarkably quiet on this subject. Only Petaluma, Windsor, Sebastopol and the Regional Climate Protection Agency have endorsed the Climate-Safe California program and sent resolutions to the Capitol.

We need our leaders to step up. If you live in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, Cotati, Sonoma or Cloverdale, call or write your council asking them to endorse the plan. Tell your county supervisor as well. The legislators need to hear from them. Right now the silence is deafening.


Santa Rosa