Sonoma County Ranked #1 Government Green Fleet in North America

by David Worthington, County of Sonoma  (CCP guest blog) |  Oct. 21, 2015

The County of
Sonoma was recently recognized as the #1 Government Green Fleet in North
America during the International Green Conference held at the Midwest Green
Fleets Forum & Exposition in Columbus, Ohio. The annual awards program, established in 2008,
recognizes the top 50 achieving sustainable fleet programs in North America. It
is open to all Federal, State and Local public sector fleets operated by
government personnel or contracted services.

“This award shows
that Sonoma County is leading the way in sustainability on a national stage,”
commented Board of Supervisors Chair Susan Gorin. “The #1 ranking is the result of the County’s efforts
and successes in operating an environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles and
equipment for more than twenty years.”

The County operates one of the
largest hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric government fleets in the
United States, which has resulted in a fuel consumption reduction of more than
166,625 gallons and a decrease in emissions of more than 1,632 tons while
traveling over 10 million miles to date. It has also been an industry leader by
integrating advanced alternative fuel technologies into the fleet such as
hybrid electric diesel heavy duty trucks that reduced fuel consumption by up to
50%, and installing telematics in vehicles to immediately identify performance
problems and initiate corrective repairs to maintain maximum fuel economy while
reducing overall repair costs.

Over the last five years the
County has earned 26 international, national, state, regional, and local
transportation related awards in the areas of fleet management, environmental
and economic leadership, sustainability, emissions reductions, efficiency &
renewable energy, as a leading fleet in the industry and for championing clean
air for all residents of Sonoma County.

David Worthington is the Fleet Manager for the County of Sonoma, Fleet Operations

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