SB 27 for natural climate solutions

Update September 23, 2021: Governor Newsom has signed this bill into law. We thank him!

The latest climate science indicates that we are likely to pass the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold of dangerous warming within the next decade, much earlier than expected. Our response to this alarming tipping point must include both accelerated emissions reductions and accelerated investments in natural sequestration to draw carbon out of the atmosphere. 

SB 27 allows California to partner with private entities to scale up investments in carbon sequestration on natural and working lands, an important step towards delivering natural climate solutions. 

A growing number of scientific studies show that natural and working lands can sequester significant amounts of additional carbon. These natural solutions also help our state become more resilient to ever-worsening drought, wildfire, and sea level rise while increasing groundwater supplies, water and air quality, biodiversity, and food security.