Right now, the big three California utilities — PG&E, SoCal Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric — are trying to convince the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to make small-scale and rooftop solar twice as expensive as it is today. This would put solar out of reach for lower-income communities just as it’s becoming more affordable. 

Small-scale solar lowers energy bills for everyone because it helps eliminate the need for new, expensive, and inefficient transmission lines. California is a solar power leader where energy from the sun belongs to everyone. Growing local rooftop solar is critical to preventing runaway climate change and increasing community resilience to climate disasters. Today, middle to lower-income neighborhoods make up nearly half of all new solar installations.  

Under the policies that have been in place for years now, more than 1 million homes, 2,000 schools, about 1,000 farms, and 300 apartment buildings have become powered by the sun. If the big utilities’ proposed changes are approved, residential customers will have fixed monthly charges of roughly $50 just for having solar panels on their home. Schools, churches, farms, small businesses, and other non-residential solar customers with more panels would pay thousands more per month. Furthermore, customers who purchased solar under the old rules did so with the understanding that the financial terms would be honored for twenty years. The CPUC is proposing to break their agreement and shorten the timeline to 15 years, penalizing these solar adopters for choosing renewable energy. We’ve got to stop this solar-killing rule!

The CPUC may announce their decision as early as February 10 and they need to hear from people like you! Use the form on this page to stand up for solar today. You can also read detailed comments submitted from The Climate Center to the CPUC here