Rumi’s Caravan Invites You to “Cook” in the Fire of Love

Rumi’s Caravan, the longest-running and most popular poetry ensemble
in the North Bay, will have audiences sizzling for its performance on Saturday, February 6
at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa. The Caravan offers two performances – a
matinee (2pm) and evening show (7pm) – with live music and dancing, and an option for a benefit
dinner between shows (details below).

Caravan performances feature the mystical poems of Rumi, Hafiz, Rilke, Mary
Oliver, and others recited by heart and performed in the ecstatic tradition. More
than a performance, it’s a poetic conversation with poetry, live music, and
Whirling Dervish dancer designed to create a soul-lifting experience.

Director Kay Crista explains the popularity of Rumi’s Caravan this way: “With
ecstatic poetry, a potency of feeling slips in with the words, bypasses the
brain, pierces the heart, and enters directly into the soul … and we are
uplifted, effortlessly, like grace,” she says.

of the event and dinner benefit The Climate Center (CCP). “Rumi’s
Caravan is proud to support the work of this important organization,” said
Larry Robinson, Caravan performer.” Attending a Rumi’s Caravan performance is
an excellent way to experience great poetry while helping to stop global
warming,” he added.

– mystic poet and Sufi master – is the most popular poet in America.

whole of my life
Summed up in these words
I used to be raw
Then I was cooked
Now … on fire.

quotation, which greets visitors at the entrance to Rumi’s shrine, reminds us
to seek divine love not because we are already formed, cooked, or mature, but
because we aspire to become so.


Afternoon Delight” – 2:00 pm Matinee – $25. Performance
includes post-show tea and cake with the performers.

by Night” – 7:00 pm – $35. Performance
includes tea, cake, and wine at intermission.

Feast” – Optional Dinner – 5:00 pm – $50

may choose to enjoy dinner after the matinee or before the evening show. This
is an intimate dining experience to delight the senses, which benefits the
The Climate Center. Dinner must be purchased with a performance
ticket. Only 60 dinner tickets available.

Lavish Attire
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