Right to Repair roars out of the gate in 2019

by Nathan Proctor, Medium

Many companies intentionally make it harder for us to repair our stuff, which means more waste and more cost for consumers. One stunning example: Americans toss 416,000 cell phones each day, many of which they should be able to repair.

We could be fixing our phones, tablets, appliances and tractors, but the companies that make modern electronics don’t share the parts and service information we need to fix them. Right to Repair reforms would solve that problem.

Last year, U.S. PIRG helped to support Right to Repair efforts across the country; by the end of 2018, 18 state legislatures were debating active bills. These efforts were followed up by a major win in the U.S. copyright office, which helped debunk industry claims that repairs violate copyright laws. (You can read more about this decision in the Washington Post, which also includes our response to this landmark ruling.) It looks like we’ll see progress in 2019 on these critical efforts, with 16 bills already filed just one month in and more bills on the way.

Read more: https://medium.com/u-s-pirg/right-to-repair-roars-out-of-the-gate-in-2019-2be4a544e4de

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