Amy Jolly, the Climate Protection Campaign’s ECO2school Program Manager is one of the 25 selected nationwide to work collaboratively with the EPA over the next 8 months to create products on climate change education.

Climate Change Environmental Education Project-based Online Learning Community Alliance (CCEE POLCA) will engage environmental educators in forward-looking online professional learning and working collectively to create products useful to members of the group and the broader environmental education community. It will be a collaboration to advance our individual and collective efforts regarding climate change education, including the full array of interdisciplinary learning opportunities citizens need to develop the competencies, dispositions and knowledge to address climate change.  As well as develop an understanding of the socio-political and economic considerations, the scientific basis, plus the communication, collaborative problem-solving and analytical skills needed to generate and implement feasible solutions. CCEE POLCA participants will:

a. Collaborate with colleagues to complete one or more product(s) for enhancing climate change education that is useful to members of the group and the broader environmental education community.

b. Through the above endeavor experience non-traditional forms of professional learning and gain experience using at least one online platform for collaboration.

c. Enhance understandings of competencies, knowledge and dispositions needed by individuals and groups to be able to address climate change.


Potential projects include:

* Developing an instrument and using it to assess where environmental educators are on Climate Change Education (e.g., what EEducators know about climate change, are comfortable teaching/including in their CC programs, and need to be able to provide meaningful learning opportunities to the people they work with).

* Designing Climate Change programs & materials (e.g., which standards – from the Next Generation Science Standards, Language Arts Common Core, new Social Studies or Geography standards – need to be advanced; what questions can best provoke discussions, student-centered projects, and learning in each subject area.