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Equitable Access to Clean Energy Resilience in California

Community Energy Resilience Policy Summit online

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

9-minute video of highlights:

Full recording of the 3-hour summit.

We spoke with Janea Scott, California Energy Commission; Genevieve Shiroma, California Public Utilities Commission; Carmen Ramirez, Mayor Pro Tem of Oxnard; Ellie Cohen, The Climate Center and others about policies to support climate justice and community energy resilience in lower-income communities who suffer disproportionately from pollution and power outages. This summit gave an overview of what the state is doing now for clean energy resilience and what new policies are needed to provide access to clean and reliable power for all.

Mari Rose Taruc, Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign; Gabriela Orantes, North Bay Organizing Project; and Nayamin Martinez, Central California Environmental Justice Network discussed the issues of equitable access from an Environmental Justice perspective.

Jennifer Kropke, Workforce and Environmental Engagement for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 11 and Vivian Price, researcher for the Labor Network for Sustainability and professor at CSU Dominguez Hills (specializing in labor and climate change) discussed a just transition from the perspective of Labor.

Carolyn Glanton, Sonoma Clean Power; Sage Lang, Monterey Bay Community Power; Stephanie Chen, Senior Policy Counsel, MCE, and JP Ross, East Bay Community Energy discussed the work that Community Choice Agencies are doing to bring more energy resilience to lower-income communities.

The above webinar is part of The Climate Center’s:

Webinar Series: Summer 2020

In preparation for the 2020 wildfire season and associated power shutoffs, organizations across California are exploring opportunities to advance energy resilience solutions amidst the COVID-19 crisis. In order to provide practical information regarding both the immediate need to keep critical facilities powered, as well as long-term opportunities to simultaneously advance local resilience and climate goals, The Climate Center hosted a free webinar series. The series started with sector-specific presentations in June and culminated in a policy summit on August 5th.

Community Energy Resilience for Local Governments

June 10, 2020

In collaboration with the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC)/ Local Government Commission

This webinar provided practical information about technical and financial resources available to local governments to implement clean energy resilience initiatives. Presentations highlighted case studies and model strategies to build community energy resilience covering both the immediate need to keep critical facilities online, as well as long-term opportunities to simultaneously advance local climate goals and deliver tangible benefits to communities. Speakers included representatives from The Climate Center, Community Energy Labs, California Energy Commission, Terra Verde Energy, and Reimagine Power.

Video recording below:

Microgrids: Backup Power for Business

June 24, 2020

In collaboration with Business for Clean Energy and the California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy

Power shutoffs in 2019 cost California businesses millions of dollars. Battery storage installed for backup purposes can provide value to a business even when the grid is fully functioning.  This webinar convened industry experts to address the following questions: What are some real-world examples of microgrids? What is possible now from a technical perspective? What is the cost benefit analysis? What kind of financing is available? What is possible now from a legal/regulatory perspective? What are the barriers that are preventing rapid expansion of microgrids? How can those barriers be overcome? Speakers included representatives from The Climate Center, microgrid vendors, Community Choice Energy agencies and the Clean Coalition. To see speaker bios, click here.

Resilient Schools – Safe Communities

July 8, 2020

In collaboration with the California Solar and Storage Association

Power shutoffs in 2019 disrupted the schedules of local schools across California. Increasing wildfires have threatened life and property and frequently left evacuees with nowhere to go. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn will only compound this crisis, hampering people’s ability to find shelter in an emergency.  In this webinar we will discuss solar plus battery storage applications and microgrids for school and community needs. These technologies have the ability provide schools with significant financial benefits (savings & revenue) while simultaneously providing a resource for backup power during grid outages.  During the webinar, industry experts will address subjects including the following: the financial & resiliency benefits that solar plus battery facility microgrids can provide; available incentives; key considerations for increasing speed and scale; steps to evaluating and deploying projects. Presenters: Craig Lewis of the Clean Coalition, David Burdick of TerraVerde Energy, Scott Murtishaw of the California Solar and Storage Association and Ann Hancock of The Climate Center.

Video recording below:


We Can Do It

The below 6-minute video from The Climate Center highlights examples of three clean community microgrids and the need for social equity in addressing community energy resilience.