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Bill to accelerate California’s 2030 climate target passes out of first committee

Climate protest

SACRAMENTO — Earlier today, SB 12, introduced by Senator Henry Stern and sponsored by The Climate Center, passed out of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee by a final vote of five to two. The bill would require California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, accelerating the … Read more

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Call on the legislature to maintain state funding for equitable building decarbonization

The 2022-23 state budget cycle committed nearly $1 billion to retrofit existing buildings in low-income communities and provide consumer rebates for building upgrades. This program is essential for addressing inequities and disproportionate pollution impacts for lower-income communities and communities of color, all while ensuring robust tenant protection, anti-displacement, and workforce standards. But Governor Newsom is … Read more

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We passed a natural carbon sequestration law — now what?

Commerce Tree Planting Kick-Off on October 1, 2021

Last year, Governor Newsom signed into law a suite of climate bills to accelerate California’s climate progress and protect frontline communities. Among those new laws was AB 1757 (C. Garcia & R. Rivas), which directs state agencies to scale up the use of nature-based solutions to meet California’s climate goals.  Building on an earlier bill … Read more

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Meet with lawmakers, activists, and scientists at the California Climate Policy Summit 2023

Dr. J Mijin Cha at the California Climate Policy Summit 2022

SACRAMENTO — The second annual California Climate Policy Summit, hosted by The Climate Center on April 11, 2023, will bring together elected and business leaders, policy experts, activists, and environmental justice advocates to build support for climate policy commensurate with what science demands.  What: Our preliminary agenda includes presentations by scientists, lawmakers, and activists, as … Read more

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Testimony: Climate investments can’t wait

Climate activist in Sacramento holds a sign reading "Divest from destruction, Invest in our Future." Photo by The Climate Center.

On February 8, 2023, the Assembly Budget Committee convened to hear public feedback on Governor Newsom’s proposed 2023-2024 state budget. The governor’s draft budget includes $6 billion in proposed cuts to climate and clean energy programs over the next several years. This budget will be revised again in May before a final vote by the … Read more

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Oil corporations spend millions of dollars to block California public health law

SAN FRANCISCO — Late last week, the California Secretary of State’s office announced that it has certified the oil industry-backed referendum challenging SB 1137. The law, passed last year, would have prohibited new oil drilling within 3,200 feet of sensitive sites like homes, schools, hospitals, and prisons. The referendum will go before voters on the … Read more

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Tell California leaders to hold the line on climate investments

Photo by Tessa Richardson.

Facing a projected deficit of $22.5 billion in the state’s 2023-2024 budget, Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced $6 billion in proposed cuts to climate and clean energy programs over the next several years.  As the state recovers from rainfall and flooding supercharged by climate change, this is no time to be walking back investments in … Read more

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California’s top oil and gas regulator steps down – The Climate Center response

SAN FRANCISCO — Yesterday, Supervisor Uduak-Joe Ntuk announced that he will be stepping down as leader of the California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM). Ntuk was appointed to the role — which oversees permitting for oil and gas drilling, public health and safety, and compliance with environmental regulations — by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019. … Read more

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$6 billion cut from climate programs in California state budget – The Climate Center response

California Flag

SACRAMENTO, January 11, 2023 — Facing a projected overall budget deficit of $22.5 billion, Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday $6 billion in proposed cuts to climate and energy programs in the state’s 2023-2024 budget. If approved by the legislature in May, that would bring California’s multi-year climate spending down to $48 billion, an 11 percent … Read more

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California formally adopts climate plan overly reliant on engineered carbon removal

SACRAMENTO — Moments ago, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) unanimously voted to adopt the final Scoping Plan, the state’s five-year roadmap for meeting its climate targets. While feedback from scientists and advocates has improved the plan significantly since the beginning of the year, gaps in CARB’s modeling and flaws in its approach to carbon … Read more