After thousands of Californians raised their voices to demand greater ambition from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) — the agency responsible for California’s long-term climate plan — Governor Newsom is joining us. The governor is calling on CARB to “up our game” and make key improvements to the agency’s Scoping Plan, which serves as the state’s blueprint for tackling the climate crisis. 

The actions we take this decade will decide whether or not future generations inherit a livable planet. California, the world’s fifth-largest economy, must lead the way with bold, equitable climate policies. Because of your advocacy, Governor Newsom is calling for no new gas power plants and a greater focus on nature-based carbon sequestration in the Scoping Plan. The momentum is on our side. 

Join us and advocates from across California in urging the governor to:

  • Accelerate the timeline for reaching carbon neutrality to 2035 or sooner;
  • Shift investment from gas-fired power plants to clean energy;
  • Prioritize nature-based solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere; and
  • Hold the line on climate investments in the state’s multi-billion dollar budget. 

Send your message to Governor Newsom today using the form on this page!