Exxon dissident shareholders push climate action, company facing climate fraud charges

Exxon Mobile’s dissident investors have introduced seven more…

California Public Utilities Commission: Community Choice Energy has arrived

California electricity regulators are taking notice of Community…

Energy intensity down, U.S. economy up, and stranded assets as oil demand drops

With the incoming administration, I expect to hear the same…

Former Republican EPA Secretary discusses Trump’s climate denial, but not GOP’s

William K. Reilly, a Republican and one-time head of the Environmental…

The irreversible momentum of clean energy

By Barack Obama Abstract Private-sector incentives help…

Receive a $500 rebate on your EV or plug-in hybrid

by John Palmerlee, North Bay Electric Auto Association (NBEAA)…

It’s Time We Start Talking About Big Electrics

by Chris Denny Brown, the Energy Collective For years we have…

China’s war on coal continues — the country just canceled 104 new coal plants

by Brad Plumer, Vox.com Because China is such a behemoth,…
source: http://divestinvest.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Global-Divestment-Report-2016-Final-12.9.pdf

Business won’t back down on clean energy future

By Tom Murray, vice president, Corporate Partnerships Program More…

Standing out in the suburbs

Since November we have all heard much about the January 21st…

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