The Climate Center Completes Nationwide Search for Solutions

“The solution that has resulted in the most significant emission…

Cleantech Open Global Forum Nov 12-13,2014

Cleantech Open Global Forum Nov 12-13,2014 An event like no…

Energy Choices 1964-2014

50th Anniversary of the end of plans for a Nuclear Plant at Bodega…

Jigar Shah and others discuss political, financial, and technological obstacles on the path to net zero

Jigar Shah is a keynote at The Business of Local Energy Symposium. …

Revenue-Neutral Fee and Dividend – Economic Energy for Local Solutions

I’ve spent most of my life watching the growth of fossil fuel…

Sonoma County Teens Hold Conference on Climate Change

Young people may not be responsible for the climate crisis but…

Can local, clean energy be an economic development strategy?

In Sonoma County they are making the case, and soon will host…

Community Choice Energy May Revolutionize Our Energy Grid

Jeff Byron and Jigar Shah Hear Jeff and Jigar speak at The…

Geof Syphers will speak at The Business of Local Energy Symposium

Geof Syphers, CEO of Sonoma Clean Power, makes the case for Community…