Keystone XL construction still banned following appeals court ruling

by Karl Puckett, Great Falls Tribune

The $8 billion Keystone XL Pipeline, blocked by a U.S. District Court judge in Great Falls after construction began last fall, remains in limbo while the legal tussle over its construction continues following a key decision last week.

Calgary-based TransCanada, which is building the oil pipeline, asked the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn an injunction on the pipeline’s construction previously issued by U.S. District Judge Brian Morris, who is seated in Great Falls.

On Friday, the higher court denied a motion by TransCanada to overturn Morris’ work stoppage.

“The record shows that the district court carefully considered all applicable factors in denying the stay of its injunction,” a two-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said in its decision. “We see no abuse of discretion in refusing to stay the order. The district court has previously narrowed the scope of its injunction.”

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