Our efforts are only as bold as the dedication of our supporters. Our outcomes are only as grand as your passion. Here is what some of our supporters – people like you – have to say about our work and the urgency of the climate crisis that faces us. Together, we can deliver solutions at the speed and scale required. Thank you for joining us!

“Ensuring a prosperous future requires dramatic changes in how we generate, use, manage, and store energy. The Center has motivated our government, societal, and private sector leaders to all do their part in creating Sonoma Clean Power and inspiring other communities to follow suit.”

“I’m so impressed with the progress that has been made among cities and counties in California to move forward with Community Choice Energy and I believe it is because of the efforts of The Climate Center. I’ve collaborated with the staff for the past two years and their work has been instrumental in the progress to promote renewables, reduce GHGs, and provide customers with more choices.”

“The Center…is both practical and visionary, advancing real solutions to a fundamental problem of our time.”

“Our gift is a small fee for a very large service. We don’t know what we’d do without you. Sonoma County is a climate leader because of your climate work over the years.”

“Climate change threatens life as we know it, not for us, but for our children and grandchildren. We know greenhouse gases are the culprits.  We know that a carbon free economy is the ultimate solution.”

“I firmly believe that there is no logical conclusion to come to, but to do what we can with renewable energy resources now so that the future looks much more positive for the generations of humans that will follow. Thus, I find it exhilarating to work with CCP to further solutions in this regard.”