Interpreting Cobwebs

Home to creepy crawly critters, spider webs can give a spooky, untidy look inside your home. From another vantage, spider webs often indicate a break in your home’s building envelope.

Spiders cast their webs in drafty spots because drafts attract yummy insects. Drafts also allow heated or cooled air to escape from your home, which makes your heating/cooling system work even harder to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, you are less comfortable in a drafty home.

Drafts allow air to enter from under the house through the “stack effect” where heavy cold air pushes light heated air up and out “leak points” in the ceiling. This causes uncontrolled air circulation that can draw dust and other pollutants into the home, and on to your furniture and carpet where pets and kids play.

Combined with improvements to insulation and the heating/cooling system, air sealing will improve your comfort, increase indoor air quality, and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your energy use. It’s called “home performance.” You can find qualified home performance contractors and rebates at Energy Upgrade California:

   – Chris Cone

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