Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions Appendix
Paul Fenn, Robert Freehling, and John Cutler, Local Power, Inc.

High Performance Efficiency
Edwin Orrett, Principal, Resource Performance Partners

Water Technical Report
John Rosenblum, Rosenblum Environmental Engineering, and Dave Erickson

John Rosenblum, Edwin Orrett, Dave Erickson

New Construction
Rebecca Benassini, Senior Associate, Economic Planning Systems

Land Use
Walter Kieser, Principal, Economic Planning Systems

Joel Woodhull, Jim McGreen, Dave Erickson

David Williard, Principal, Sustainergy Systems

Michelle Passero, Director of Policy Initiatives, Pacific Forest Trust

Solid Waste
Ken Wells, Guiding Sustainability

Carbon Model
Dave Erickson

Analysis of PG&E’s Plans
Dave Erickson

PG&E Partnership Letter
Nancy McFadden, PG&E

AB-811 Evaluation
Dave Erickson

Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit

SCTA GHG emission reduction white paper and matrix

GHG Mitigation Measures
California Attorney General

Solutions Submitted by the Public with Analyses by Jerrell Ross Richer, Ph.D

Public Input