We invite you to address the change and change the future by joining our Climate Sustainers’ Club. The Climate Sustainer’s Club is a monthly gift program that provides steady, reliable support to The Climate Center’s carbon-reducing programs.

As a Climate Sustainer, you become a partner in our work to address the most serious threat facing the planet. Our approach is to advance game-changing solutions that spread at the speed and scale needed.

Benefits of being in the Club:

>> Opportunity to influence – You will be invited to special gatherings throughout the year with Executive Director Ann Hancock to receive updates and offer your feedback on our programs and other climate solutions.

>> Easy – Your gift will be automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card and goes to work immediately.

>> Effective – With the funding stability provided by your monthly gift, we can more accurately plan our programs and strategies, which means that more of your gift goes to GHG emissions-reducing programs.

>> Recognition – You will be recognized in our newsletter and annual report (unless you want to be anonymous).

Join the Climate Sustainer’s Club to invest in a better future for generations to come.

Simply select “Recurring contribution” when you sign up on the DONATE page.