Latest data shows steep rises in CO2 for seventh year

by Fiona Harvey, The Guardian The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by the second highest annual rise in the past six decades, according to new data. Atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gas were 414.8 parts per million in May, which was 3.5ppm higher than the same time last year, according to […]

‘Breaches everywhere’: Flooding bursts midwest levees

by Mitch Smith and John Schwartz, NY Times The widespread, severe flooding in the Midwest over the last month has exposed the vulnerabilities in a levee system that is now so full of holes that many here ruefully describe it as “Swiss cheese.” With dozens of costly breaks across Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and nearby states, […]

Rollback of light bulb standards would cost consumers billions — $100 per household each year

by Wendy Koch, Aceee The Department of Energy’s plan, announced today, to rescind the expansion of energy efficiency standards for light bulbs would cost consumers billions of dollars and increase pollution that harms public health and the environment. The expansion, a rule published after a multi-year public process in January 2017, requires that a range […]

Humanity is ‘cutting down the tree of life’, warn scientists

by Damian Carrington Environment editor, The Guardian Humanity’s ongoing annihilation of wildlife is cutting down the tree of life, including the branch we are sitting on, according to a stark new analysis. More than 300 different mammal species have been eradicated by human activities. The new research calculates the total unique evolutionary history that has […]

White House raises official Hurricane Florence death toll to -17

by The Onion Proclaiming that the government’s rescue efforts have brought several U.S. citizens into the world, the White House announced Monday that the official Hurricane Florence death toll had been raised to -17. “Thanks to President Trump’s incredible hurricane response team, the population of North and South Carolina is actually skyrocketing, with over a […]

Opinion: Paris climate accord is alive and well in U.S.

by Adam Stern, Mercury News As the world’s nations gather in Bonn, Germany, this week for the latest round of United Nations climate talks, the official U.S. delegation will struggle to represent our country in the wake of President Trump’s announcement in June that he intends to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate […]

Santa Rosa City Council Votes to Participate in Sonoma Clean Power

Climate Protection Campaign Lauds Council for Decisive Action Santa Rosa—The Santa Rosa City Council today voted to support city participation in Sonoma Clean Power. The unanimous vote directed staff to draft a resolution that the Council intends to pass on its consent calendar next week. The move enables the city to join the new power […]

County Water Board Votes to Take “All Steps Necessary” to Create Sonoma Clean Power

Santa Rosa, CA – The Sonoma County Water Agency Board voted today to “authorize and direct staff of the Sonoma County Water Agency to take all steps necessary to implement the Sonoma Clean Power program.” Climate Protection Campaign applauds the Board for moving forward decisively. “It’s all systems go,” said Climate Protection Campaign Executive Director […]

Climate Protection Campaign heralds new rate estimates for Sonoma Clean Power

Santa Rosa, CA – The Climate Protection Campaign today applauded the news that Sonoma Clean Power’s projected rates for greener power will be competitive with PG&E’s. This news comes from the Sonoma County Water Agency’s preliminary analysis of eleven bids submitted by private energy service companies that want to supply power to Sonoma County. “Sonoma […]

County creates new power authority

Santa Rosa – The Board of the Sonoma County Water Agency and the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors today created a joint powers authority to oversee Sonoma Clean Power, a proposed local program to buy and generate electricity for residents and businesses.