Countries and public utilities are trying to reduce carbon emissions by burning wood pellets instead of coal, but recent studies have shown that the practice will have disastrous effects.

Don’t burn trees to fight climate change — let them grow

by Bill McKibben, New Yorker Countries and public utilities are trying to reduce carbon emissions by burning wood pellets instead of coal, but recent studies have shown that the practice will have disastrous effects. Of all the solutions to climate change, ones that involve trees make people the happiest. Earlier this year, when a Swiss […]

A mixed emissions report

by Dan Morain, Cal Matters Gov. Gavin Newsom lauded latest numbers showing that California is cutting greenhouse gas emissions, saying data show “smart climate policies are good for our economy and good for the planet.” For the first time, in 2017, more electricity—52%—came from solar, wind, hydro power and nukes, which generate no greenhouse gases, […]

US Forest Service proposal to speed up logging, cut environmental analysis, public input

by Karen Chávez, Asheville Citizen Times In what conservationists are calling the most sweeping and “existential threat” to national forests in the past 50 years, a U.S. Forest Service proposal would eliminate public participation in most logging, prescribed burning, road and pipeline building and other forest operations. On June 13, the Forest Service released a […]

The Arctic’s ice sheet is melting at a rapid rate: 11 billion tons in one day

by Elinor Aspegren, USA TODAY Scientists announced Thursday that July equaled, if not surpassed, the hottest month in recorded history. But that was not the only cause for concern. Greenland’s ice sheet melted at its most rapid rate so far this summer summer on Thursday, losing 11 billion tons of surface ice to the ocean, […]

Why we need a contraception revolution

by Jessica Colarossi, The Brink BU OB/GYN microbiologist Deborah Anderson argues that new birth control approaches are needed to combat overpopulation, climate change Deborah Anderson wants a contraception revolution. In an editorial published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Anderson lays out the reasons why she believes it’s time to reignite research for developing […]

Paradise: A preview of an American future

by Jon Mooallem, NY Times The fire was already growing at a rate of one football field per second when Tamra Fisher woke up on the edge of Paradise, Calif., feeling that her life was no longer insurmountably strenuous or unpleasant and that she might be up to the challenge of living it again. She […]

The root of the problem: Finding solutions for the Great Barrier Reef

by Maddie Maffia, CCP This summer, I am studying land-use practices and their impacts on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) in Australia. The GBR is the most diverse coral reef ecosystem in the world. Sadly, it has lost 80% of its coral reef coverage in the northern portion of the reef over the past decade. […]

Saturday, November 21st: Solidarity in Oakland, California, at Lake Merritt. Photocred: Ella Teevan

Natural gas leaks are a much bigger problem than we thought

by Molly Enking, Grist Natural gas has been touted as a green energy source by some because, when burned for fuel, it emits less CO2 than coal. But before that happens, leaks from across the natural gas supply chain — from the drilling process to gas stoves — can unintentionally vent methane into the atmosphere. […]

Fading electric vehicle support in US and China could delay peak oil demand

by Julia Pyper, Greentech Media Policy support for electric vehicles is waning in key markets around the world, potentially softening EV sales and pushing back forecasts for a peak in global oil demand, according to a new report by Rapidan Energy Group. The energy consulting firm’s updated Decarbonization Policy Tracker found that the U.S. and […]

A campaign for community rights and the rights of nature

by Annie Dobbs-Kramer, Political Director, North Bay Organizing Project Fire and flood have brought home the reality of climate change to people in California. It has become increasingly clear that in order to build resilient and regenerative communities that can weather the physical, social and economic storms of climate change, we need to fundamentally transform […]