A month ahead of global climate strike, thousands pledge to attend

by Julia Conley, Common Dreams, August 20, 2019 Organizers behind the global climate strike movement—from teenage students to adults who have fought for climate action for decades—on Tuesday called on all people who want to halt the climate crisis to join the worldwide action on September 20. 350.org, one of dozens of international, national, and […]

Solutions for the third largest source of emissions – food waste

by Maddie Stone, Grist Earlier this month, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a dire report highlighting the enormous environmental impact of agriculture. But the report also pointed to a clear way for us to feed more mouths without causing more planetary destruction: We can stop wasting food. Globally, we humans squander up […]

Photo Credit: JAXPORT, Meredith Fordham Hughes

Four companies agree on partnership to develop fully-electric cargo ships

by Mitsubishi Corporation Asahi Tanker Co., Ltd., Exeno Yamamizu Corporation, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd., and Mitsubishi Corporation today announced their agreement to create a strategic partnership to provide new infrastructure services in the marine shipping industry that focus on electrically powered vessels. Their newly established company, e5 Lab. Inc. (e5 Lab) will work to develop […]

How climate change threatens the criminal justice system

by Molly Taft, EcoWatch It was long predicted that Houston was unprepared for a hurricane like Harvey, yet the storm caught the city off-guard when it landed a year and a half ago. Harvey dawdled over the region for a week after making landfall, dumping up to five feet of rain on some areas. One […]

Greenland is melting away before our eyes

by Eric Holthaus, Rolling Stone Amid an ongoing heat wave, new data show the Greenland ice sheet is in the middle of its biggest melt season in recorded history. It’s the latest worrying signal climate change is accelerating far beyond the worst fears of even climate scientists. The record-setting heat wave that sweltered northern Europe […]

California farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry up

by Sammy Roth, LA Times Jon Reiter banked the four-seat Cessna aircraft hard to the right, angling to get a better look at the solar panels glinting in the afternoon sun far below. The silvery panels looked like an interloper amid a patchwork landscape of lush almond groves, barren brown dirt and saltbush scrub, framed […]

solar farm

EU’s lending arm plans to phase out fossil-fuel funding

By Jonathan Stearns and Ewa Krukowska, Bloomberg The European Investment Bank plans to stop funding fossil fuels starting in 2021 as Europe steps up the fight against climate change. The Luxembourg-based EIB, the European Union’s lending arm, aims to increase support for clean-energy projects as the EU crafts stronger policies to counter the more frequent […]

Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months

by Matt McGrath, BBC Now it seems, there’s a growing consensus that the next 18 months will be critical in dealing with the global heating crisis, among other environmental challenges. Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that to keep the rise in global temperatures below 1.5C this century, emissions of carbon […]

Air conditioning is making the world a hotter place

by Justin Fox, Bloomberg With two-thirds of the U.S. experiencing a heat wave, it seems like a good time to talk about air conditioning. According to the annual Characteristics of New Housingdata released by the Census Bureau early this month, 94% of the new housing units completed in the U.S. in 2018 came with it […]

These candidates see farming as a climate solution. Here’s what they’re proposing.

by Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News The Democratic presidential front-runner, Joe Biden, proposed an unusual nugget of farm-centric climate policy this week: “Soil is the next frontier for storing carbon.” It popped up during a swing through Iowa, where the Biden campaign became the latest in the crowded Democratic contest to release a policy proposal aimed […]