We spoke to 5 climate experts about what gives them hope

by Kyla Mandel, Huff Post This year comes to a close after an onslaught of bleak and terrifying revelations about the state of our planet. Glaciers are melting, species are dying, forests are burning and climate tipping points ― thresholds which, if breached, will usher in uncontrollable warming ― are about to be crossed. The […]

After a rough year, farmers and Congress are talking about climate solutions

by Georgina Gustin, InsideClimate News As millions of acres of American farmland sat under historic floodwaters this spring, a remarkable pattern began to emerge. Even among fields that sat side-by-side, with the same crops and the same soil type, researchers and farmers noticed that some bounced back faster than others. What made the difference? The […]

Time’s Person of the Year is its youngest ever: Greta Thunberg, the teen climate activist

Thunberg is Time’s Person of the Year — the magazine’s youngest ever.

UN climate talks stymied by carbon markets’ ‘ghost from the past’

With the COP25 negotiations failing to agree on carbon market rules, it will be up to the UK to bring the world together at the crucial 2020 summit. By Leslie Hook, Financial Times The UN climate talks that stuttered to a belated and inconclusive close on Sunday in Madrid were undone by a technical issue […]

Scientists and activists examine need for climate action

by Randy Showstack, EOS For Varshini Prakash, the climate crisis “is obviously very depressing” and “terrifying with the timeline that we’re working on” to curb greenhouse gas emissions. However, Prakash isn’t letting that stop her as she works to organize and mobilize youth and others to stop climate change. She is the cofounder of the […]

Presidential candidates wouldn’t talk climate-friendly agriculture– until now

by Tom Philpott, Grist Food and agriculture policy has been at best a fringe issue during the last few Democratic presidential primaries. Candidates tend to limit their agricultural appeals to “broad value statements” rather than dive into the policy specifics “that would indicate they’ve given these issues the attention they deserve,” says Sarah Hackney, coalition […]

SoCalGas shouldn’t be using customer money to undermine state climate goals, critics say

by Sammy Roth, LA Times The Gas Genius social media accounts feature softly lit images of families and millennials cooking on outdoor grills, enjoying warm baths and relaxing by roaring fire pits. “Will 2020 be the year you upgrade your home to natural gas?” asked a recent caption on the Gas Genius Instagram. The posts […]

The housing market is fueling our collective climate denial

by Geoff Dembicki, The Vice After Hurricane Sandy slammed into Staten Island and killed 24 people in 2012, a general contractor named Chris Reno started buying up damaged properties for bargain prices. On one he built his dream house: a 5,000-square-foot residence in one of New York’s most dangerous flood zones. Objectively, this is a […]

Greta is right: Study shows individual lifestyle change boosts systemic climate action

by Jeff McMahon, Forbes The climate movement has been riven lately by a debate pitting individual lifestyle change against systemic change, as if the two compete. Many experts contend both are needed, and new research links them even more closely. The public is more likely to support systemic action, the study finds, if those advocating […]

MUST READ: Why science failed to stop climate change: How the energy companies took us all

by NAOMI ORESKES November 18, 2019 read full article in Salon here It’s a tale for all time. What might be the greatest scam in history or, at least, the one that threatens to take history down with it. Think of it as the climate-change scam that beat science, big time… ….Scientists working on the […]