Wind power blows past coal in Texas

by Ryan Maye Handy, Chron Wind power, by one important measure, surpassed coal last month to become the second-largest electricity source in Texas, yet another milestone in the state’s march toward greater reliance on renewable energy. When a 155-megawatt wind farm in West Texas began commercial operation this month, it helped push the state’s wind […]

Cities line up to join LA County’s new clean-energy provider

by Sandy Mazza, Daily Breeze A new Los Angeles County program that promises members cheaper electricity rates and cleaner power is catching on quickly. Sixteen cities have signed on to the fledgling Los Angeles Community Choice Energy, founded in April with a directive by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The nonprofit program offers Southern California […]

Say goodbye to Southern California Edison? Coachella Valley eyes new electricity providers

by Sammy Roth, The Desert Sun Riverside County residents may soon be able to buy electricity from a government-run energy program, at lower rates than those offered by Southern California Edison — depending on what state regulators decide next summer. The county’s board of supervisors voted Tuesday to submit a plan to state officials to […]

Thousands of scientists issue bleak ‘second notice’ to humanity

by Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post In late 1992, 1,700 scientists from around the world issued a dire “warning to humanity.” They said humans had pushed Earth’s ecosystems to their breaking point and were well on the way to ruining the planet. The letter listed environmental impacts like they were biblical plagues — stratospheric ozone […]

African nations are sharing data to crack down on illegal fishing

by Paul Tullis, News Deeply IN JULY 2016, the trawler Greko 1 approached Mombasa, Kenya, a major fishing port on the western Indian Ocean. Registered in Belize and owned by a Panamanian subsidiary of a Greek company, the boat’s operators had been fishing for years in Somali waters and unloading and selling their catch in […]

UN Climate Change Conference 2017 Aims for Further, Faster Ambition Together

by Nick Nuttall, UN Climate Change COP23 – Governments Meet to Fast Forward Implementation of Paris Agreement’s Goals UN Climate Change News, Bonn, Nov 5 – The 2017 UN Climate Change Conference opens on Monday, with the aim of launching nations towards the next level of ambition needed to tackle global warming and put the world […]

Strawless in Seattle: how one city is tackling ocean plastic pollution

by Todd Woody, News Deeply SEATTLE – In June, actor and environmental activist Adrian Grenier appeared at the United Nations Ocean Conference in New York City to promote his Lonely Whale Foundation’s campaign against plastic straws, a billion of which are used each day worldwide with an untold number ending up in the sea. To […]

California is the future

by Peter Leyden and Ruy Teixeira, A Medium Corporation America is stuck between two historical eras. That’s the best way to understand the strange, unprecedented politics of Trump, the political polarization and paralysis of government, the deep dissatisfaction of public opinion, the lack of trust in all institutions — all of it. The post-Industrial era that blossomed […]

2,000-watt society: when the future becomes a reality

by Armando Mombelli, Swiss Info Situated in an outer suburb of Bern, near a railway line and a motorway, the new Stöckacker Süd housing complex resembles many others under construction in Switzerland. Three large concrete buildings of five to six stories each, with balconies along one side, will contain 146 apartments once the project is […]

Green bonds grow in California

by Natalie Jacewicz, Mercury News California Treasurer John Chiang is embarking on a national tour this month aimed at seducing investors with an environmentally friendly investment alternative. The state already has invested in these “green bonds,” created to enable environmentally responsible projects, and issued them on a small scale. Now Chiang wants to plant a […]