US Forces surviving Australian training photo by SSgt. Jose O. Nava/Released)

Can the catastrophic fires bring some sanity to Australian climate politics?

by Michelle Crowther, Vox The world is watching our country burn. More than 17.9 million acres have gone up in flames since September, an area 15 times the Amazon fires. At least 27 people have died. A billion animals and 2,000 homes may have been lost. And we are only about halfway through the fire […]

Sebastian Kurz, on the right, the leader of the conservative Austrian People's Party (ÖVP)

Austria’s new government sets goal to be carbon neutral by 2040

by Deutsche Welle, EcoWatch Although the Greens managed to secure major policies to combat climate change, Kurz also pushed through his hardline immigration policies — which might not sit well with Greens supporters. What’s in the coalition deal? The Greens will head four ministries, including taking on the environment and justice portfolios. Kurz’s party will […]

Banks get tough on shale loans as fracking forecasts flop

by Christopher M. Matthews, Bradley Olson and Allison Prang, WSJ Some of the banks that helped fuel the fracking boom are beginning to question the industry’s fundamentals, as many shale wells produce less than companies forecast. Banks have begun to tighten requirements on revolving lines of credit, an essential lifeline for smaller companies, as these […]

On the Path by 2025 to Rapid Decarbonization in California (pdf)

On Path by 2025 to Rapid Decarb in CA The Climate Center Jan 2019

UN climate talks stymied by carbon markets’ ‘ghost from the past’

With the COP25 negotiations failing to agree on carbon market rules, it will be up to the UK to bring the world together at the crucial 2020 summit. By Leslie Hook, Financial Times The UN climate talks that stuttered to a belated and inconclusive close on Sunday in Madrid were undone by a technical issue […]

The power of finance to transform our economy

by Gregor Macdonald, The Energy Transition In the spring of this year, the Singapore-based Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) announced it would halt all future financing for new coal projects, save for two final newbuilds in Vietnam: Van Phong 1 at 1.3 gigawatts (GW) and Vung Ang 2 at 1.2 GW. By November, OCBC, the second […]

Bakersfield Field Office oil derrick

Cap and Trade is supposed to solve climate change, but oil and gas company emissions are up

by Lisa Song, Propublica Gov. Jerry Brown took the podium at a July 2017 press conference to lingering applause after a steady stream of politicians praised him for helping to extend California’s signature climate policy for another decade. Brown, flanked by the U.S. and California flags, with a backdrop of the gleaming San Francisco Bay, […]

U.S. government’s forecasts of domestic oil and gas production mean climate apocalypse

by Asher Miller, Post Carbon Institute 1.9 million. 13 trillion. 10 billion. These are the numbers that jumped off the page when I read PCI Fellow David Hughes’s latest “shale reality check” report on the U.S. government’s forecasts of domestic oil and gas production. To elaborate, these forecasts mean that by 2050: 1.9 million new oil […]

5 reasons why the Paris Agreement is a joke (and how we can fix It)

by Sasja Beslik March 18, 2019 on Medium here The Paris climate agreement is a joke. And I should know — I was there when it was drafted. Three and a half years ago, I was one of the hundreds of politicians and heads of industry who convened in Paris with a singular goal: Devise a plan […]

How to make carbon pricing palatable to air travelers

University of British Columbia & EDF; read full article at ScienceDaily Travelers are willing to pay a little more for flights if they know the extra money will be used to address carbon emissions, per new study  How those fees are presented at the time of ticket purchase is the key to consumer acceptance. People […]