How much of a climate advocate are you? Answer the following questions and find out! Note: several questions allow for multiple responses so be sure to check all that apply. Your results will be provided after you submit the test. Thank you for playing!

1. If the Earth were the size of a classroom globe, how thick would the atmosphere be?
2. Changing the system to one that does  not threaten the global climate is difficult because:
3. I recognize the importance of inspiring rather than terrifying when I talk to others about climate change.
4. Global warming is a global problem, and...
(you may select more than one)
5. I speak out about climate change on my social media pages:
(check all that apply)

6. I recognize the importance of policymakers so I vote, sign petitions to my representatives, and encourage my friends to engage as well.
7. What are some things that you currently do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
(select all that apply)

8. How much does it cost to keep an electric car charged up?
9. Which are benefits of Community Choice?
(select all that apply)

Thank you for taking the Are you a Climate Advocate? quiz. How'd you do? Please feel free to share on Facebook.

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