Austins Discover that Jazzy New EV + Solar Panels = Less CO2 + ROI


Lindsay and Kirsten Austin carefully crunched the numbers to make sure that investing in reducing their carbon footprint made economic sense. And it did. With current tax credits and incentives, they can pay off their investment in five years and then receive free energy from the sun. With clean power from Sonoma Clean Power, they can be carbon-free.

They are now proud owners of an electric BMW, and soon to be owners of a solar system for their winery.

“There is no excuse not to buy an electric vehicle. The rebates are good and you get to drive in the HOV lane,” said Lindsay.

Listen to Lindsay tell about the EV, solar, saving money and CO2:

Resources the Austins used to help them analyze their investment include:

By Ann Hancock, Executive Director, The Climate Center

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